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IBM i on Power Systems: One Less Thing to Worry About

IBM VP Steve Sibley describes how the IBM i team is working to keep the platform resilient in this challenging time.

During these crazy times, there many things causing a lot of worry. Being in IT, right now brings a number of unique challenges too. Keeping mission-critical applications up and running is even more difficult when your entire team is working remotely. Luckily for you, you’re running your business on IBM i and Power Systems, which is uniquely positioned to help clients during these critical times with remote management, access, development and analytics capabilities. 

There are many stories of legendary IBM i and Power Systems resiliency through the years, from systems that were completely forgotten about and still ran years later after being discovered, to data centers surviving floods, fires, hurricanes and more that still kept their businesses online. IDC even called IBM i the “driverless variant of IT infrastructure” in their Fall 2019 blog. Accordingto the 2020 HelpSystems IBM i Marketplace Survey, 11% of the respondents run their IBM i environments completely unattended. 

But perhaps more important than those legends are the discussions I’m having with clients during this pandemic. Clients whose infrastructure has been able to respond seamlessly and flawlessly to the surges in compute demand on pharmacy and retail or the shifts from branch banking to online banking. These clients have designed business continuity and remote management into their infrastructure and it’s paid huge dividends for them in this challenging environment. 

We wanted to highlight some key features of IBM i to help keep your business up and running and your remote teams productive during this challenging time. Hopefully, you’re already familiar and taking advantage of these capabilities, but in case not, here is a helpful overview:   

IBM Navigator for i 

IBM Navigator for i is a component of the IBM i operating system. It provides the capability of managing many aspects of the system, controlling devices and even monitoring performance. It is accessible remotely from wherever your employees have sheltered. Learn how to get started with this feature here.  

IBM i Mobile Access

IBM i Mobile Access allows users to access their IBM i environments from any mobile device that supports a browser. A user can view CPU utilization, jobs, operator messages and more on a dashboard from a browser on any device from wherever they may be located during this time. Discover how to take advantage of this capability here

IBM Rational Developer for i

IBM Rational Developer for i is an integrated development environment that loads on a desktop and allows programmers to work unattached from anywhere on their laptop. They can write code for IBM i applications without having to be directly attached to the server. Learn more and get started with a free 120-day trial here.  

IBM i Access Client Solutions 

IBM i Access Client Solutions is a client-based tool providing both emulator and graphical interface capabilities to business applications. Additionally, using ACS allows clients to do system management functions, file transfers, etc. all from any location on any system that supports Linux, Mac or Windows. Learn how to get started here, and check out the first entry of the new i See Video Blog by Tim Rowe and Scott Forstie where they take a closer look at the latest with ACS.

IBM Db2 Web Query for i  

IBM Db2 Web Query for i is a business intelligence and analytics platform. It allows generation of data analytics information and visuals from Db2 which can be delivered over the Internet to employees and executives located anywhere and on any device. Learn more here and watch this demo by IBM Db2 for i and BI Consultant Doug Mack to help get started. 

IBM Db2 Mirror for i

IBM Db2 Mirror for i is a high availability solution that enables continuous availability of mission-critical applications regardless of a planned or unplanned outage. Continuous availability and keeping your business online during this time is also one less thing you need to worry about now. Learn more here and watch this demo by Scott Forstie to get started. 

From all of us on the IBM i team, we hope you, your colleagues and families are staying safe and healthy during this time. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help your business and teams with your IBM i and Power Systems environments.


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