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21st Century Software is a software solutions global leader, linking the past to the future in support of the mainframe ecosystem. Since 1992, 21st Century Software has been a key contributor to z/OS ecosystems, including solutions for foundational disk and tape migration solutions. As an IBM partner, we’re helping customers optimize value for core zSystems with scalability, resiliency and availability, and with the source code licensing agreement for z/VSE customers, continuing to solidify our partnership.

Solutions by 21st Century Software


Essential Mainframe Migration for z/OS (EMMz) is z/OS mainframe based software that enables local or remote global data migration for storage attached to IBM z/OS mainframes across multivendor environments. It provides data migration for both z/OS and z/VM volumes. EMMz is vendor-independent as well as user- controlled. It allows for full system sharing throughout the data center and guarantees full access to the data at any point during a migration operation. It also supports dynamic takeover on the part of the target device while applications remain online. Taking advantage of investments in new storage technologies can be done more quickly, with minimal disruption.

Total Tape

When planning for a technology refresh, consolidating on new media, or moving to a new data center, 21st Century’s Total Tape software suite is an excellent solution to resolve the complexity of tape challenges, as it helps easily and reliably migrate z/OS tape data. Total Tape includes Tape/Assist and Migration in Place, which help reduce the cost of managing tape resources while also providing continuous availability to the mainframe tape data. Our Total Tape solutions are designed to help your organization reduce staff hours spent on manual migration tasks, reduce migration errors, and gain productivity and efficiency.

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VSEn V6.3 key features and future direction reflect 21st Century Software’s investment in the VSE ecosystem. Our first version of the VSE operating system (OS) enters the market under the name: VSEn V6.3. VSEn is designed to offer non-disruptive compatibility with previous versions of IBM z/VSE. VSEn V6.3 also addresses fixes and functionality that had been applied to IBM z/VSE 6.2 through March 2022, along with the newest releases of the TCP/IP stacks and installation enhancements.

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