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ARCAD Software

Offering solutions for:
Application modernization,
Celebrating 30 years of innovation, ARCAD Software is the only vendor to combine DevOps and Modernization for IBM i in an integrated solution range, distributed by IBM. ARCAD solutions power the digital transformation of some of the largest IBM i organizations worldwide: 
  • Automate a CI/CT/CD pipeline on IBM i with application analysis, build, test, and deploy  
  • Share Git, Jenkins and Jira across all platforms IBM i, Linux, UNIX, Windows  
  • Transform RPG or Synon applications to modern free form RPG and SQL  
  • Generate webservices automatically from a 5250 stream
  • Discover and anonymize personal data (PII)
  • Deploy applications multi-platform and hybrid multicloud

Solutions by ARCAD Software

ARCAD for DevOps

DevSecOps for IBM i

ARCAD for DevOps integrates enterprise tools such as Git, Jenkins, and Jira with ARCAD’s own best-in-class IBM i technology layer to automate a complete end-to-end CI/CT/CD cycle for IBM i.

Automate each phase in the DevSecOps cycle:
  • Application analysis
  • Version control
  • Application build
  • Code quality check
  • Unit test
  • Functional regression test
  • Deployment/rollback

With ARCAD for DevOps, developers are shielded from the complexity of open-source tooling with an IBM i-friendly environment. 

Inter-application dependencies are managed automatically, optimizing efficiency and minimizing the risk of downtime.

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ARCAD CodeChecker

Continuous Code Quality & Security for IBM i

Automate the detection of quality flaws and security vulnerabilities in IBM i source code. 
Code quality and security checks become a continuous part of the DevOps cycle.
Eliminate Peer review effort for coding standards with 100+ rules, integrated with RDi.

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IBM i Unit Test automation.
Automate the creation and execution of unit test cases for any IBM i module, program or service program. Generate a complete unit test from RDi in just a few clicks. Create reusable test assets. Generate ARCAD iUnit test cases and execute them automatically after each code change. ‘Shift defects left’: Isolate defects early during the coding phase, when they cost the least.

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ARCAD Verifier

IBM i Regression Test Automation
Data-oriented regression test automation for IBM i. Record functional test cases and replay them automatically at each application release. Detect differences in the database, user interface and spool files.
Guarantee the accuracy of your modernization project: Run ARCAD Verifier test cases before and after modernization to eliminate regression risk
Catch defects before they reach production: Execute a ARCAD Verifier test run before every transfer to production as part of your continuous DevOps process.

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ARCAD Observer

IBM i Application Analysis
Gain a rapid understanding of IBM i application architecture. Boost productivity and accuracy in software modernization & maintenance.
ARCAD Observer combines powerful application navigation and diagramming with multi-platform ‘where-used’ and documentation generation.
Kick-start your modernization project: ARCAD Observer gives you instant insights into the architecture and business rules in your existing application.
Accelerate your application maintenance: ARCAD Observer helps DevOps teams make accurate changes faster, identifying each field and source line impacted by a code change.

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Web services creation for IBM i
Integrate your applications in a snap with ‘No Code’ web services for IBM i. Generate RESTful web services in minutes, from any 5250 green screen user interface.
Need to connect your legacy, back-end systems with mobile, cloud and web apps? Gain rapid external access to IBM i functions and data. Create and expose Web services over a 5250 application with ARCAD API.
Connect your IBM i business systems to other applications & devices: ARCAD API delivers instant connectivity for your core IBM i application assets – on premise or cloud.

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ARCAD Transformer

IBM i source code modernization

ARCAD Transformer RPG:  Future proof your legacy IBM i applications, converting legacy RPG code to modern ‘Free Form’ syntax. – easy to understand and maintain by experienced IBM i teams AND developers new to the platform.

ARCAD Transformer DB: Open and standardize your DB2 databases whilst improving performance. Convert DDS files to SQL automatically.  

ARCAD Transformer Synon: Convert Synon CA 2E 4GL code to modern ‘Free Form’ syntax.   

ARCAD Transformer Field: Automate the mass transformation of RPG source code and database following a field size increase.

ARCAD Transformer Unicode: Automate the mass transformation of RPG and database to the Unicode standard. 

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