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Ariadne Software

Offering solutions for:
Tools and utilities,
Ariadne Software is a team of IBM i specialists with a combined experience of over 200 years in product development and support.

Many of the world’s most trusted brands have been using our CoolSpools software for more than a decade to gain competitive advantage. CoolSpools makes internal processes on IBM i more efficient and increases productivity by automating manual tasks.

Ariadne has more than 900 customers in 50+ countries, whose CoolSpools implementations span industries including: Finance, Banking, Retail, Government, Pharmaceuticals and Manufacturing.

Ariadne is an accredited IBM Advanced Business Partner.

Solutions by Ariadne Software

CoolSpools Admin

CoolSpools Admin is a free utility that is included with all CoolSpools software. CoolSpools Admin allows IBM i users to automate their spool file conversion and distribution. CoolSpools Admin allows Spool files can be processed automatically as soon as they are created by defining spool file monitors that “watch” nominated output queues for new files being created.

CoolSpools Converter

CoolSpools Converter is a Spool File Converter for IBM i. CoolSpools Converter converts IBM i data to Excel, XML, CSV, XML and PDF with enhanced formatting features.
  • Splits spool files into multiple documents
  • Merges or combines PDF's and Excel files
  • Drops unwanted lines and or pages
  • Defines meaningful file names and output paths
  • Includes graphics and images, including your company logo or watermark
  • Archives and saves spool files
  • Publishes reports on your AS/400, Windows or Unix server, website or app
  • Encryption and digital signatures
  • Conforms to ISO 19005 PDF/A standard.
  • Learn more here:

CoolSpools Database

 CoolSpools Database is an IBM i Database File Extraction and File Conversion tool.
  • Extract data from your IBM databases directly or using SQL or Query
  • Import data into your IBM databases from Excel spreadsheets
  • Record and field selection and sequencing
  • Use styles to control the appearance of Excel rows and cells
  • Use colours, fonts, shading, borders etc. and define conditional formatting rules
  • Generate XML documents, schemas and stylesheets
  • Interface your data into third-party systems
  • Learn more here: 

CoolSpools Email

CoolSpools Email is a that helps users distribute data exports, reports and documents as email attachments quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively right from within IBM i.
  • Send emails from your IBM i using a simple command or an API
  • Support for multiple attachments
  • Support for long file names
  • Attachments can come from anywhere in the IFS
  • Send data extracts and alert messages
  • Send calendar invitations to Outlook, Gmail etc.
  • Solution for saving and re-sending emails
  • Integrates with CoolSpools Converter and Database
  • Learn more here:

CoolSpools Suite

CoolSpools Suite is a complete data management tool for IBM i (AS/400).
  • Automatic conversion, distribution, and management of IBM i spool files
  • Convert IBM i spooled files to PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF & RTF
  • Split spool files into multiple documents
  • Extract data from your IBM i databases directly or using SQL or Query
  • Import data into your IBM i databases from spreadsheets etc.
  • Merge or combine PDFs and Excel files
  • Send emails from your IBM i using a simple command or an API
  • Generate XML documents, schemas, and stylesheets from IBM I
  • Interface your IBM i data into other systems
  • Learn more here: