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Black Hill Software

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Black Hill Software has been building tools for working with SMF data since 2010.

With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, EasySMF provides Systems Programmers with valuable information about their system. EasySMF:JE provides a Java API for SMF data for more in depth and custom reporting. EasySMF Events can send events to Splunk from SMF in real time.

Solutions by Black Hill Software

EasySMF Events

Send events and metrics from SMF to Splunk in real time with EasySMF Events.

EasySMF Events uses the z/OS SMF Real Time Interface to read SMF data as it is created, summarize and format it and send it to Splunk.

Supporting z/OS job events, RMF performance information, CICS transactions, TCP/IP connection and zERT information and more.

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EasySMF:JE provides Java classes to map SMF records.

Use the power of Java to write automated and custom SMF reports that run on z/OS and distributed platforms. Convert SMF data into JSON format for processing by other tools.

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EasySMF for z/OS

SMF data contains information that is vital for managing z/OS systems. EasySMF gives Systems Programmers fast and easy access to the information in SMF data. EasySMF brings together information from different record types in the same time range to give you a broader view of your systems.

Understand the work running in your systems, answer common questions and quickly diagnose problems using the suite of reports in EasySMF for z/OS.

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