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Cloud Compiling

Offering solutions for:
Cloud and MSPs,
Cloud Compiling, with its technology installed in Global 100 data centers for over 20 years, extends the benefits of cloud computing to the IBM z/OS platform. Its family of virtualized IBM z/OS language compilers either eliminate or reduce the need for software licenses in your mainframe environment. Cloud Compiling, whether installed in your private cloud, externally hosted by Cloud Compiling, or used in a global IT outsourcing environment, will deliver money-saving virtual compiling technology with all of the benefits of cloud computing.

Solutions by Cloud Compiling

Cloud Compilers

Cloud Compiling is the only true cloud compiling solution developed for IBM Z, bringing costeffective compiling alternatives to the mainframe environment. Cloud Compiling’s innovative compiling technologies support COBOL, PL/I, FORTRAN and C/C++ programming languages.

The company offers solutions for in-house private cloud installation and turnkey secure cloud
deployment managed by Cloud Compiling, resulting in reduced expenses and increased
operational efficiencies for its customers reducing MSU usage throughout the entire enterprise.

Cloud Compiling helps eliminate peaks in mainframe budgets that cause fluctuations in rolling
4-hour average (R4HA). Additionally, if you choose on-premise deployment, you have the
option to select a less-critical LPAR to compile on, freeing resources allocated to more critical

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