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Eccox Software

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Offering solutions for:
Application development,
Eccox is a mainframe-focused software company and IBM partner with three decades of expertise delivering distinguished automation technologies to optimize the z/OS software development testing lifecycle.

Our mission is to bring new value to your mainframe to achieve greater efficiency, quality and agility for true DevOps. Eccox Application Parallel Testing (APT) innovations deliver automated environment provisioning and management of isolated testing ecosystems to test end-to-end z/OS applications changes. Our goal is to accelerate business time-to-market to release early, often and with confidence—reducing testing expenses while increasing mainframe software quality through continuous testing

Solutions by Eccox Software

Eccox Application Parallel Testing (APT) Discovery

Eccox APT Discovery maps z/OS components displaying a CRUD matrix of all associated modules, data sources and programs between applications.

A web-based cockpit allows users to pick up required components, conflict ones and coupling all on isolated APT Ecosystems. APT integrates with SCM tools for enhanced automation.

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Eccox Application Parallel Testing (APT) for z/OS Containerization

Eccox APT is a DevOps-ready testing platform that builds and manages the logical testing ecosystems you need over existing z/OS LPAR(s). Enables automated provisioning and reprocessing of accurate test scenarios on z/OS by containerizing elements from Db2, VSAM, QSAM and IMS/DB databases, MQ, CICS and IMS/TM for online and batch applications.

APT automates infrastructure preparation processes and components for right tests, allowing users to create in minutes and enabling isolated testing ecosystems on z/OS to run full end-to-end flows that meet what they need, using shared, new/changed, original components and test data in concurrency without conflicts.

APT is designed to manage dynamic, scalable, accurate, reusable test-setups while running comprehensive parallel tests with integrity for full integrations, system functional testing and QA cycles to deliver better quality in shorten times.

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Eccox APT Edge Applications for DDF Containerization and Eccox APT Db2 Layout Modifier Framework

APT for DDF provides the ability to validate changes made on hybrid cloud applications off the mainframe that consume data on the z/OS environment in isolation. APT routes accesses to cloned Db2 tables instead of original Db2 on z/OS.

APT® DB2® Layout Modifier allows to clone a table, perform layout changes on cloned tables on z/OS to test modified table versions without impacts on programs and data structures before changing at target environments.

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