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Fischer International Systems Corp

Offering solutions for:
HA DR backup, Security, Systems management,

Providing unparalleled value to our customers is at the heart of Fischer International Systems Corporation, a technology corporation inspired by the vision of Addison Fischer.

IOF JES2 Management provides value through strategic diagnostic ability and bottom-line problem resolution.

Value to our customers now includes a strategic partnership with Log-On Software to provide service to our customers in establishing a path to continuing maintenance and support for IBM products APL2, WAVE, Netview FTP, and Application Support Facility. (ASF)

See Fischer Identity for security software.

Solutions by Fischer International Systems Corp

IOF JES2 Management

IOF JES2 Management manages all JES2 resources, providing your team with greater diagnostic
features and detail for fast bottom-line problem resolution. The executive job summary provides the
backbone of IOF job display and analysis with complete return code summary. Use IOFSend for batch
job information directly to a designated email address. IOFTech provides dedicated service and better
value-oriented tools for team productivity. Time to productivity is accelerated by an intuitive interface,
enhanced REXX interface and more. Learn more at

QuickSelect for Db2

Plug and play QuickSelect intercepts repetitive Db2 calls, caches the Db2 responses and as the same
SQL continues to execute, returns the same result sets as would Db2—just much faster and without
the Db2 overhead. QuickSelect focuses on the SQL that repetitively access Db2 tables containing
lookup, code, reference and other relatively static data types result in dramatic performance gains and
resource savings. Learn more at

Featured resource

Fischer Identity

Zero trust starts with great identity management. When you can control all aspects of identity, you will
control your business. Whether automated provisioning, identity governance, password management,
access management or external identities, Fischer Identity management has your solution. Learn more