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Fischer International Systems Corp

Offering solutions for:
HA DR backup, Security, Systems management,

Fischer mainframe tools for an integrated enterprise include IOF JES2 Management, QuickSelect for Db2 and VTFM-NewGen. IOF for JES2 Management, with its unique batch job analysis and powerful applications, is a key mainframe productivity tool. Customers' favorite apps include a mainframe email interface, simple job archiving and easy to scan PDS libraries.

Fischer, a strategic partner of LogOn, continues evolving with the mainframe in the enterprise. Fischer has added QuickSelect for Db2 to the performance tools available as well as VTFM-NewGen, a software-only virtual tape solution running directly on the mainframe using DASD.

See Fischer Identity for security software.

Solutions by Fischer International Systems Corp

IOF JES2 Management

Better IOF JES2 Management tools, better function. So easy:
IOF's powerful toolset includes: job list display, job summary screen, interface menu, device detail screens, system monitor, SYSLOG access, data indexing,and JES2 queue management along with the capability to unlock the power of IBM Health Checker and enhanced REXX interfaces. It’s easy to use, and time to productivity is accelerated by an intuitive interface. Fischer provides IOF training that includes an IOF functionality site where users can access the latest IOF tips and tricks along with training videos. IOF is the only JES2 management that you will ever need.

QuickSelect for Db2

QuickSelect intercepts repetitive Db2 calls, caches the Db2 responses and as the same SQL continues to execute, returns the same result sets as would Db2, just much faster and without the Db2 overhead. QuickSelect is a novel plug-and-play solution that caches frequently accessed Db2 SQL result sets outside Db2 for dramatic performance gains and resource savings. QuickSelect focuses on the SQL that repetitively access Db2 tables containing lookup, code, reference and other relatively static data types. Benefits include:

  • Substantially outperforms Db2 buffer pools (4-5x faster)
  • Frees Db2 resource to the benefit of the rest of your Db2 workload

Featured resource

Fischer Identity

When you can control all aspects of identity, you will control your business. Take control with Fischer Identity. Leverage plug-and-play automation to create predictable, secure provisioning to enable your identities with the access they need immediately as well as deprovision access on demand. We can deploy our software in the cloud, on premise or hybrid. We empower you to choose the deployment model that works for you. Start on premise, move to the cloud in a weekend without any change in functionality. Whether automated provisioning, identity governance, password management, access management or external identities, Fischer has your solution. Learn more about why we have a 99% success rate for deployment.