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HostBridge Technology

Offering solutions for:
Application modernization,
HostBridge Technology helps enterprises analyze, optimize, modernize and integrate mission-critical CICS applications. The HostBridge team has spent the last 20 years providing industrial-strength API integration for CICS and IBM Z, based on JavaScript, an industry standard. HostBridge-created APIs are secure and high-performance, in use by clients in banking, insurance, manufacturing, federal government, and enterprises around the world. HostBridge CICS APIs are helping improve the bottom line—moving client businesses forward by helping them take existing data and applications running under the covers of CICS and expose them via APIs.

Solutions by HostBridge Technology

HB.js for CICS Modernization

With the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js), enterprises can quickly and easily modernize CICS applications using APIs. HostBridge provides software and services for creating business-oriented APIs that are platform agnostic, and exposes application logic and workflows. These APIs make it easy to evolve mainframe applications and let them participate in hybrid cloud strategies by acting as a strategic pivot point in your enterprise architecture. Using them to modernize your existing inventory of CICS applications lets you easily pivot in either direction: to eventually move applications off the mainframe or keep them on the IBM Z platform and further evolve them there.

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HB.js for CICS Integration

Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js), create APIs to easily leverage existing CICS business logic. Quickly deploy a CICS API to extend mainframe logic and data to cloud, web, or mobile platforms as part of a hybrid IT strategy. CICS APIs created with HB.js do more than integrate mainframe with non-mainframe applications. They enable orchestration of complex transaction sequences. Create a loosely-coupled, business-level API that navigates an entire sequence of screens, retrieves all necessary data, and does it without screen scraping in milliseconds. Invoke this business process through a single API call!

CICS Integration Analytics

HostBridge CICS Integration Analytics reveals how your mainframe interacts with outside automations or hybrid applications. Get precise insights into what drives CICS transaction volumes. Learn which processes and integrations are inefficient and remediate them. CICS Integration Analytics prioritize your modernization initiatives, showing where to create modernization APIs. Dashboards enable ongoing measurement and tracking of your modernization or optimization progress. HostBridge enables Integration Analytics with the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector that captures all of the request-response data flow coming into CICS. It’s enriched with metadata about those requests which is added to CICS monitor data and ultimately as SMF 110 records. Splunk is used for data analysis.

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