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Business intelligence analytics,
A complete analytics solution for IBM i on Power Systems incorporates built-in Db2 query acceleration technologies combined with the tools you need to build analytical applications. The Db2 Web Query family of products provide an end-to-end, IBM i centric analytics infrastructure so you can concentrate on delivering information to those that need it, in the formats they want it in. From Query/400 modernization - to analytical reports - to interactive dashboards leveraging powerful visualizations – and built with a data abstraction layer to simplify complex database structures and data replication – the family of products have solutions for the small business to large enterprises.

Solutions by IBM

Business Analytics with Db2 Web Query Standard Edition

Db2® Web Query for i provides a complete business intelligence and data warehouse solution set designed for and integrated with IBM i and Db2 for i. Modernize green-screen queries; build interactive dashboards; automate information dissemination to business analysts; leverage the ETL component to build an optimized, cleansed database for your analytics. Built to leverage your IBM i environment. You can schedule report distribution or data replication from your job scheduler, incorporate existing query/400 definitions, SQL or RPG programs, or non-Db2 databases like Microsoft™ SQLServer as data sources for reporting or ETL.

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DataMigrator ETL

DataMigrator is an IBM i centric ETL (extract, transformation, and load) tool that can address many data motioning use cases for IBM i clients. This low cost ETL tool can be used to create an automated, repeatable set of data and process flows to move data from source to target. Use change-data-capture processes to read from journal (or remote journal) receivers for near real time data replication. Create a Db2 for i based enterprise data warehouse or set up a data streaming scenario to push data into cloud-based databases or services.

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IBM i Security Compliance and Systems Utilization Monitoring

The Compliance Automation and Reporting Tool (CART) is an IBM i specific security and systems management analytics solution from IBM's Technology Services consulting group. It includes over 100 pre-built reports and dashboards to monitor over 1000 IBM i security attributes and systems utilization metrics. The Enterprise Edition is built for multiple server/VM environments. The new Express Edition is for single server/LPAR situations. CART makes it easier for you to identify security risks and take action to resolve out of policy items. Monitor system and management metrics such as CPU utilization, object sizes and limits, PTF Group currency and more.

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