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IBM Db2 Web Query

Offering solutions for:
Business intelligence analytics,
IBM i along with its integrated relational database management system, Db2® for i, is the platform that hosts the majority of the business processing and data for IBM i clients. The simplicity of use, the scalability, the reduced management and world class availability provides a solid foundation that customers love. Possibly unheralded, the platform also provides many new features to support analytical workloads. Extensions to the SQL language, query accelerators, and sophisticated self-tuning query optimization means you can leverage the same platform benefits for analytical workloads. Db2 Web Query provides integrated Business Intelligence, Visualization, and data infrastructure tools to pull it all together.

Solutions by IBM Db2 Web Query

Db2 Web Query for i

Db2® Web Query for i provides a complete business intelligence and data warehouse solution set designed for and integrated with IBM i and Db2 for i. Modernize green-screen queries; build interactive dashboards; automate information dissemination to business analysts; leverage the ETL component to build an optimized, cleansed database for your analytics. Built to leverage your IBM i environment. You can schedule report distribution or data replication from your job scheduler, incorporate existing query/400 definitions, SQL or RPG programs, or non-Db2 databases like Microsoft™ SQLServer as data sources for reporting or ETL.