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ICS FormSprint

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Our mission is to create document management software that fits our name: Fully integrated, fully customized software solutions crafted to meet our customers’ needs. When we build a software solution, we want our customers to know it will get the job done with minimal interaction needed. Integrated Custom Software began operations in 1985. Since then, we’ve been focused on finding the right software solutions to help customers streamline their operations while staying conscious of cost. In the last three decades, we’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience that we use to help our customers grow every day.

Solutions by ICS FormSprint

ICS FormSprint

Print it. PDF it. Email it. Fax it. Archive it. FormSprint, by ICS, is a dynamic form integration tool that enables the complete control of business applications and total elimination of all of your preprinted forms. FormSprint, for your IBM i, offers tremendous flexibility when printing any document in any format with; bar codes, OCR, OMR, MICR, dynamic form and font changes, and more. FormSprint’s distribution capabilities are paramount in enhancing workflow in today’s ever-changing office structure. Whether you want to print a document with multiple copies or just one, create a PDF and email an invoice that your customer misplaced, FormSprint can do it all!

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FormSprint’s PowerEmail feature lets you automatically send documents out by email when your spool file is generated. It’s a straightforward solution that just works. PowerEmail runs on the IBM i, so it is easy to configure and creates Emails quickly. There is no need for a separate server; your application creates the spool file and then FormSprint converts it to a PDF and then emails it, all on your IBM i!


PowerPDF, a robust PDF converter developed by ICS FormSprint, can be simply added to your base FormSprint package, maximizing your productivity by easily providing you with paperless capability. Easily output PDF files to the IFS or a Network server!