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MainTegrity Inc. is a company composed of veteran enterprise innovators, each with 30+ years of z/OS experience. Our mission is to create software solutions that make the mainframe the most secure platform on earth.

FIM+ delivers both cybersecurity and compliance, with a high degree of automation that is not only effective against ransomware and malicious attacks but reduces administrative effort through operational efficiencies and streamlined compliance reporting.

In short, MainTegrity can help you revolutionize mainframe integrity.

Solutions by MainTegrity Inc


MainTegrity FIM+ delivers the only full-function File Integrity Monitoring solution for IBM mainframes. FIM+ integrates with your existing cybersecurity tools on z/OS, cloud and other platforms to eliminate security gaps that hackers exploit. FIM+ enables you to combat ransomware and detect other malicious threats. You can also:

• Protect backups and image copies on z/OS
• Detect, and alert on, ransomware and malware attacks
• Respond in a heartbeat with GUI-based forensics
• Recover your trusted software surgically and data from verified backups
• Reduce administrative time, cost and effort
• Simplify compliance with PCI/DSS, NIST, GDPR and cyber resiliency

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