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Micro Focus

Offering solutions for:
Application modernization, Cloud and MSPs, Data masking, Services consulting, Systems management, Test data management, Tools and utilities,
Micro Focus helps customers run and transform their business so they can succeed in the digital economy. With a broad software portfolio underpinned by a deep inventory of advanced analytics, we help customers bridge existing and emerging technologies to achieve long-term success.

That’s high tech, low drama.

Solutions by Micro Focus

Enterprise Suite

The Micro Focus Enterprise product suite improves application modernization for IBM mainframe PL/I and
COBOL development and operations teams. Our enterprise application knowledge, development, test, and
workload deployment tools improve efficiency and time to market.

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Host Access for the Cloud

Micro Focus Host Access for the Cloud extends the value of host systems, and stops the cycle of managing desktop emulators, by delivering secure zero-footprint host access, including on premises or in the cloud. Learn how to quickly deploy host access while simplifying host access management and introducing new levels of identity-powered access control.

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ChangeMan ZMF

Micro Focus ChangeMan ZMF protects corporate assets and lets developers get more done in less time. It the most comprehensive and fully integrated solution for Software Change, Configuration, and Release Management on z/OS.

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