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Linux on POWER,
SUSE, the world’s largest independent open source company, powers digital transformation with agile, enterprise-grade open source solutions, edge to core to cloud. Collaborating with partners, communities, and customers, SUSE delivers and supports enterprise-grade Linux®, software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions to create, deploy and manage workloads anywhere – on premises, hybrid and multi-cloud – with exceptional service, value, and flexibility.

Solutions by SUSE - SMB

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM POWER

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER provides customers with an enterprise-grade Linux distribution optimized for IBM POWER processor-based systems. It is designed to deliver increased reliability, reduce costs for mission-critical applications, provide a high-performance platform to meet increasing business demands and accelerate innovation while improving deployment times. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER was the first Linux distribution optimized for IBM Power Systems and the first to run in POWER9 base mode.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is an operating environment uniquely designed for SAP server, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. Key features enable faster service deployment, reduced downtime, increased security and the ability to safeguard critical business systems by avoiding system errors. It is the leading Linux for more than 30,000 SAP customers and is endorsed by SAP.

Accelerate Your SAP S/4HANA Vision in the Public Cloud

Whether you choose Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or any other cloud service provider, you’re going to need a consistent, reliable, and secure infrastructure that meets your business needs while minimizing risk in your move to, and operation in the public cloud.

The SUSE platform helps accelerate your cloud vision by efficiently transitioning to SAP S/4HANA in the public cloud. You’ll rapidly deploy and scale mission-critical SAP applications on your choice of hyperscalers with high availability and reduced complexity. SUSE helps you achieve your cloud strategy faster and with lower risk. You’ll meet your business goals as the SUSE platform provides these key ingredients, and more – easy implementation, high availability, and reliability.

High Availability - one of the many reasons SAP and all the leading public cloud vendors use SUSE solutions. because they are proven to deliver high availability for SAP S/4HANA. The SUSE platform delivers a combination of flexibility, near-unlimited scalability, and innovation that achieves true stability, making it easier to manage. Plus, you gain the benefit of automation and disaster recovery in the event of an unplanned service outage