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SUSE - Enterprise

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Offering solutions for:
Linux on IBM Z,
SUSE, the world’s largest independent open-source company, powers digital transformation with agile, enterprise-grade open-source solutions, edge to core to cloud. Collaborating with partners, communities and customers, SUSE delivers and supports enterprise-grade Linux, software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions to create, deploy and manage workloads anywhere—on premises, hybrid and multicloud— with exceptional service, value and flexibility.

Solutions by SUSE - Enterprise

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z and LinuxONE

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE is an enterprise-class, highly reliable, scalable and secure open-source OS, optimized for IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE. Built to power physical, virtual and cloud-based mission-critical workloads, the OS also increases uptime, reduces operating costs and accelerates innovation.

Leveraging IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE processors results in a Linux system with an enhanced compiler and toolchain to boost application performance and increase security. Our longstanding joint development with IBM means you can confidently rely on both our business’ expertise and true engineering excellence.

Featured resource

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching for IBM Z

Live Patching is cutting-edge technology that improves business continuity and saves costs by reducing downtimes, increasing service availability and enhancing security and compliance. Apply patches to your Linux kernel without rebooting your system—all while keeping businesscritical applications running. Make scheduled downtime a thing of the past with SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching for IBM Z.

SUSE Rancher

The SUSE Rancher solution enables organizations to use microservices to unlock data within systems-of-record on IBM zSystems and LinuxONE platforms by connecting SUSE Rancher on the mainframe to SUSE Rancher at the edge.

Rancher Manager enables users to deploy and manage any CNCF-certified Kubernetes, including on-premises RKE, RKE2 and Kubernetes (K3s), as well as public cloud implementations. Rancher Manager is developed with an agnostic approach to running K8s anywhere and does not require integration with a single K8s implementation, avoiding vendor lock-in

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