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Syspertec Group

+33 146026042
Offering solutions for:
Application modernization, Communications and connectivity, Web development,
Syspertec Group is an independent software publisher that has specialized in opening IBM mainframes to the web for more than 30 years. Each of its solutions has the same objective: to modernize companies' information systems while minimizing the impact on their existing architectures.
By focusing on ease of use, flexibility, reliability, cost reduction and continuous technological innovation, Syspertec Group has earned the trust of 500 major accounts on five continents.

Solutions by Syspertec Group

Virtel Web Access

Virtel Web Access is a browser-based 3270 emulator. It extends legacy applications such as CICS, IMS, Natural and TSO to thin-client web browsers over secure HTTPS connections, without changing the user experience.
It also acts as a session manager and allows customers to replace this costly piece of software.

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Virtel Web Integration

Virtel Web Integration creates a dynamic dialog between mainframe data or transactions and web applications.
This solution allows users to create interactive bidirectional dialogs across the internet between host- (CICS, IMS, Ideal, Natural, etc.) and server-based applications using XML/HTML web services or other communication procedures.

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Virtel Web Modernization

An easy-to-use mainframe modernization solution that transforms green screens into modern web pages without changing the 3270 application code.
Virtel serves legacy applications transactions (such as CICS, IMS and Natural) to thin-client web browsers as modern and user-friendly web pages to create a genuine web portal (GUI) experience.

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