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Tone Software

Offering solutions for:
Systems management, Tools and utilities,
Tone Software Corporation develops, markets and supports mainframe software that increases efficiency, reduces z/OS operational costs and increases the productivity of mainframe users and IT teams.  Based in Anaheim, Calif., Tone Software is privately held and answers to customers, not shareholders.

Leveraging more than 40 years of proven expertise, Tone Software actively participates in IBM PartnerWorld and ISV Early Test Programs, SHARE and other relevant industry organizations. Tone Software is committed to delivering quality software and exceptional customer support 24-7-365. Mainframe solutions include:

• OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Spool Viewing and Management
• DYNA-STEP Dynamic STEPLIB Allocation
• OMC-PRINT Host Output and Print Management
• OMC-TCP/IP Network Print Management
• TRX TSO Management

Solutions by Tone Software


DYNA-STEP dynamic STEPLIB allocation and ISPF library management reduces TSO overhead, system 1/0, STEPLIB volume contention and LOGON PROC maintenance. Under TSO and ISPF, DYNA-STEP provides concurrent access to multiple product versions, ISPF libraries and Db2 subsystems to expedite testing, upgrades and system maintenance.

Transparently replace unsupported CBT STEPLIB shareware, CA TSOPLUS and other unsupported tools with the fully supported z/OS-certified DYNA-STEP dynamic STEPLIB solution.


OMC-FLASH manages all JES3 and JES2 spool operations and resources, enabling users to view and control jobs, started tasks, TSO users, APPC jobs, active tasks, held and non-held output, devices, workflows, and the entire JESPLEX.

OMC-FLASH supports all JES options, including JES3, JES3plus and JES2. JES management capabilities include a REXX API, WLM support, PROCLIB display and CONFIG to fully customize panels.


OMC-FLASH JES2 manages all JES2 spool operations and resources, including viewing and controlling jobs, started tasks, TSO users, APPC jobs, active tasks, output, devices, workflows, and the JES2 MAS.

Numerous JES2 spool management panels include JESPLEX, Resource Monitoring, Job Groups and Dependencies, Spool Volume, STEPDATA /EVENTLOG and Job Class. OMC-FLASH JES2 includes a conversion utility to easily migrate OMC-FLASH JES3 panels to JES2 if desired.