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Access Client Solutions is Now Shipped with IBM i

In this i Can blog post, Dawn May shares another way to stay current with ACS updates.

With the latest update to Access Client Solutions (, released last December, IBM i users now have another way to stay current with ACS updates.
With this new support, IBM installs the ACS runtime in the IFS in directory /QIBM/ProdData/Access/ACS/Base. When the ACS runtime is installed on the IBM i, you can have the central location on your IBM i for the master copy and configure ACS to check for updates from this installation location. When this is done, the Check for Updates button on the client will also have the option to download the new version from the IBM i partition to the user’s PC.
To use the IBM i location for your central location for updates, you need to set a couple properties. The Getting Starteddocument, section 5.2, provides the detailed information for using this functionality.
A WRKLNK shows you the familiar files:
                             Work with Object Links      
 Directory  . . . . :  /QIBM/ProdData/Access/ACS/Base   
 Type options, press Enter.                             
   2=Edit   3=Copy  4=Remove   5=Display   7=Rename  8=
   11=Change current directory ...                      
 Opt   Object link            Type     Attribute    Text 
       .                      DIR                        
       ..                     DIR                        
      acsbundle.jar          STMF                       
      AcsConfig.properti >  STMF                       
      Documentation          DIR                        
       Fonts                  DIR                        
       Icons                  DIR                        
      IBMiAccess_v1r1.zi >  STMF                       
      Linux_Application      DIR                        
       Mac_Application        DIR >   STMF
       Start_Programs         DIR 
       Windows_Applicatio >   DIR
The following PTFs deliver the ACS runtime on IBM i:
  • 7.4:  SI71900
  • 7.3:  SI71934
  • 7.2:  SI71935
This feature was requested with the RFE Pre-install ACS Client on IBM i IFS for use by IBM i.

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