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Tony Turetsky on Family and IT

IBM i Fresh Face Tony Turetsky on learning IBM i, hobbies and more.

Tony Turetsky is photographed on a red couch against a green wall with his dog.

Image by HollenderX2

Company name: P.C. Richard & Son 
Company’s function: Family owned retail business 
Headquarters: Farmingdale, New York 
IT Experience: 1!
Geekiest thing owned: My entire house is filled with action figures and fictional characters

How did you end up in IT? At 30 years old, I left a pretty successful career in sales/management to do a coding bootcamp—but I have been interested in tech my whole life. I started out in programming at about age 12, like so many others, by ripping off someone else’s HTML and altering it just enough to create my own Angelfire-hosted “Dragon Ball Z” and “Pokémon” fan sites.

What do you think “the next big thing” for your business will be? Frameworks like React are now mature and powerful enough that we have incorporated them into some of the more crucial day-to-day applications still running on the 5250 screens. We’re giving a modernized facelift to the front-facing apps that our salesforce uses the most, while retaining all of the benefits that IBM i offers on the back end.

What IBM product could your company not function without? IBM i is an integral part of our everyday operations. Personally, the answer is Rational* Developer for i.

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t in IT? I gave some thought to pursuing a career in art.

Who’s been your greatest mentor? What role has that person played in your life or career? My very good friend Ben Gross (who is a brilliant developer in his own right) is the person that originally pushed me to attend The Flatiron School’s Web Development program. I can’t count how many hours he spent patiently answering my many questions. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my amazing wife here as well. Without her support, absolutely none of this would have been possible.

What’s your favorite part of your day and why? Every day when I get home, my two dogs, Olive and Betty, are there to greet me at my front door as excited as they possibly can be.
What’s been your biggest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment is being happy with where my life is at right now—and I wouldn’t trade any of it for one big win.

What’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever owned? I somehow tricked my wife into granting me unrestricted placement of geeky things throughout our home. My entire house is filled with toys, action figures, statues of superheroes and fictional characters. 


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