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Work From Home: A COMMON Guide to Success

Dawn May previews the new COMMON Work From Home panel series.

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We’re all adjusting to many things right now, and chief among that list is the adjustment to working from home. Working remotely may be normal for some and comfortable for others—but an entirely new experience for those used to working for companies that normally require the majority of their workforce to come to the office. The challenges can be surprising. 
Switching from an office environment to working from home presents many issues. Setting up a dedicated workspace, connecting to your system remotely (and securely), managing distractions and other demands, such as childcare or elder care, all add stress. Turning off the news and staying connected with supportive coworkers can help mitigate the drama of your new reality. 
With this in mind, Work From Home: A COMMON Guide to Success is starting next week to provide practical tips and advice on working from home. A panel that includes IBM i experts Richie Palma, Kim Greene, Mary Langen, Peg Tuttle and me (with IBM Champion Steven Wolk as moderator) will convene every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. CT. A series on Telecommuting in an IBM i Shop will convene on Thursdays at the same time. We invite everyone to submit discussion topics ahead of time as well as during the live moderated panel discussions.  
I feel happy and fortunate to participate in this panel discussion since I have many tips to share regarding my experiences. I began working from home back in the early ‘90s while raising a family and appreciated the flexibility it offered to balance kids and a career. Today, much of the consulting work I do is from my home office. The COMMON panelists and I look forward to discussing our experiences. Together we can come through these difficult times stronger. 

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