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Videos are Another AIX Learning Tool

Get to know the series of YouTube videos from Nigel Griffiths that he calls AIX in Focus.

You may be interested in this series of YouTube videos from Nigel Griffiths that he calls AIX in Focus.
I love his description:
AIX the best OS in the world. Fast, built to make the best use of POWER based computer with:
  • 192 CPU cores and 8192 core threads
  • 32 TB of memory
  • 64 Gen 4 PCIe adapter slots 
For the system admin guys the commands to make life simple and flexible are second to none and commands are stable—not changing the tools and command every couple of years.
There is also a plenty of hot open source tools recompiled for AIX the tookbox. Plus AIX is the birthplace of nmon and now njmon performance stats tools pulling data from the excellent "perfstat" library.
I choose my bank based on them hosting my bank account on AIX :-)
This series covers topics like the LVM, smitty, JFS2, JFS2 snapshots, JFS2 with NO log, NIM servers, and much more.
Nigel has made many other vids as well. Check them out on his YouTube main page, and get ready to do a ton of learning.
I suppose videos aren't for everyone, but I find them very valuable. Not that I rely on any one educational/training platform; I still read plenty, including IBM Redbooks and other documents and articles. Of course nothing beats actual machine time, but beyond that, there's truly no one way to learn.

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