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Find Community, Career Advice and More at iChime

Zoom series offers collaboration and community for IBM i clients.

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With most conferences and user groups canceled this year, IBM Champion for Power Systems Charles Guarino found himself missing the community and collaboration that’s intrinsic to IBM i. iChime was created from the desire to recreate the conversations that happen at lunch, between sessions and after hours during conferences. “Everyone drops their façade and we’re good people for a common cause,” he says. 
iChime meetings are free and hosted via Zoom every 2-3 weeks. Since the group’s inception in April, topics have ranged from how to effectively use Zoom for meetings to creating a better LinkedIn profile and open source. 
“I’m very fortunate to have a wide network of friends and associates with varied backgrounds,” Guarino says. “It’s a deep bench from which to pull guest speakers.”
These aren’t formal presentations with slide decks and handouts. Instead, the guest speaker sets the stage, discussing their area of expertise. After that concludes, Guarino opens the floor for participants to discuss trends they're seeing in the industry, issues they’re experiencing in their IBM i shops, and whatever else comes to mind. 

So far, sessions have averaged about 30-35 attendees with participants joining virtually from around the world. Clients, business partners, consultants and IBMers all join in the conversation. Guarino also blogs about upcoming and past sessions at www.charlesguarino.net.
iChime will convene next on Tuesday, July 28 with IBMer Tim Rowe as the guest speaker. He’ll discuss how he’s seen clients use IBM i to bolster their enterprises. Sign up to be notified of future meetings here.

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