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Recent Access Client Solutions Enhancements

Dawn May explains the latest ACS feature.

IBM recently delivered an ODBC driver for Mac users. This long-awaited RFE now allows Mac applications to connect to the IBM i database through ODBC. It’s delivered in a new ACS Mac application package, similar to the ODBC drivers for Windows® and Linux®.

You can download this driver off the Access Client Solutions download page.


Access Client Solutions: Frequently Used IFS Paths

The April update of Access Client Solutions had a hidden enhancement that I just stumbled upon. 
Using the Integrated File System task, you can edit your preferences to specify the initial directory that is displayed when you launch the task. That’s nice, but not very usable as I often navigate to various directories. The IFS task also seems rather slow and I often revert back to using WRKLNK.


A few nights ago I reviewed my submitted RFEs, and found Add support to "Bookmark" IFS paths in ACS marked as “Delivered.” IBM even updated the comments to briefly summarize the new function.  It’s a very simple, but subtle enhancement.
The area on the panel that displays the directory in which you are working is now a drop-down and shows all the directories you have navigated to. Once you have worked in a directory, it’s remembered, and you can easily go to it again.


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