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ezh, eezh Scripts Designed to Simplify the HMC Command Line Interface

Rob McNelly notes the availability of scripts that are designed to simplify the HMC command line interface.

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If you find navigating the HMC command line interface to be a bit challenging, you should consider ezh.

Easy HMC Command Line Interface

EZH is a script for the IBM HMC console to provide an alternate, easier to use, command line interface for many common commands and the goal of the project is to make the HMC command line interface easier to use for day to day administration tasks. Starting with version 0.6 it also has an interactive menu to make it even easier to use ("ezh" command)
For more, check out this video overview/demo.

There's also an enhanced version of ezh that's being maintained by Matthew Opoka.

Enhanced Easy HMC Command Line Interface (eezh)

Enhanced EZH script is a fork of EZH by Brian Smith for the IBM HMC console to provide an alternate, simpler command structure which makes the HMC command line interface easier to use for day to day administration tasks. The vision for this project is to enhance and bring EZH commands forward and inline with technologies provided in the newer HMC code base...
The eezh page features installation instructions:
To install, download the "eezh" script.
Then use scp to copy the script to your home directory on the HMC (i.e. scp eezh hscroot@hmc_hostname:~)
SSH to the HMC and login as your account. Then type "source eezh". You will need to run this command each time you login to the HMC for the EZH commands to be available.
Change Log
Version 2.0 (2020-09-29)
Changed name from ezh to eezh; Enhanced EZH.
Most commands now sort output by frame name then LPAR name. Input listings for frame and LPAR names are sorted as well.
LPAR power on, shutdown, restart commands to list only running or powered off LPARs depending on selected operations.
framelsfirm now displays the Update Access Key (UAK) expiration date for POWER8 or later hardware.
lparlscpu no longer returns "null" for dedicated CPU LPARs.
New commands:
sriovlsfirm - list SRIOV firmware, driver and frame update availability.
Commands in the works:
sriovlsadapter (99%)
sriovlsphysport (50%) Which fields should we use?
sriovlslogport (0%)
Have you been using ezh in your environment? Did you already know about eezh?

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