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IMS System Management With A Single Product Suite

Joseph Gulla begins a new series focused on systems management, starting with IMS.

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This week, I’m starting a new series focused on systems management. I decided to start with IMS® after writing about this transaction processing monitor middleware for my recent series on middleware. It’s impressive to read about advanced capabilities of IMS V15 that are focused on managing risk, improving business efficiency and simplifying system administration. In this article, I am exploring IMS System Management for IBM z/OS®, a single suite of tools to configure and maintain IMS environments. I also preview the IMS SolutionPacs, which I will explore in more detail next week.

IMS System Management for z/OS

IBM IMS System Management for z/OS is a set of six IMS tools that help system programmers analyze, modify and deploy IMS resources and parameters. The tools also enhance manageability of TCP/IP access through IMS Connect and use the benefits of customizing Extended Terminal Option. You will read that configuration and maintenance are the focus of this tool suite as explored in the section below.
IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS
IBM IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS is a tool to help analyze and compare IMS configurations. It automatically builds an inventory of the IMS topology and allows administrators to instantly drill down into the parameter details of every IMS. Organizations can use it to standardize the administration of IMS configurations and to obtain a complete audit history of all changes. You can also protect definitions with granular access control and get new IMS applications into production faster.
IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS
IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS improves the availability, reliability and performance of IMS Connect. With IMS Connect Extensions, IMS systems become more apparent, workloads are easier to manage and problems become easier to troubleshoot. The tool allows you to use a graphical interface to perform operations. Administrators monitor and control from a distributed workstation and issue Type-1 commands from the ISPF command shell and graphical console. IMS Connect Extensions is part of the IMS Performance Solution Pack, which combines IMS Connect Extensions (used to deploy clients), IMS Performance Analyzer (used to create reports) and IMS Problem Investigator (used to solve problems).
IMS Extended Terminal Option Support for z/OS
IBM IMS Extended Terminal Option (ETO) Support for z/OS enables VTAM terminals to log onto IMS Transactional Manager even if they’re not defined during the IMS system definition process. Without IMS ETO Support, adding, deleting or changing terminals that are defined to IMS TM requires you to terminate your online system to incorporate the changes. With this support, you can also format “sign on required” and “sign on complete” and supply your own MFS format name. You can also automatically clean up terminal sessions and perform IMS command security authorization.  
IMS Program Restart Facility for z/OS
IBM IMS Program Restart Facility for z/OS automates checkpoint, backout and restart processing of IMS batch messaging programs and IMS Batch DLI/DBB programs. The facility manages the Checkpoint ID selection process by identifying the correct log data set to use and programmatically creating the restart job. It also monitors the number of checkpoints created by the batch application to determine if there are too few or too many created during a specified period of time. By automatically and correctly restarting abended IMS Batch jobs, that tool helps avoid manual errors and improves IMS availability.   
The IBM IMS Queue Control Facility for z/OS
IBM IMS Queue Control Facility for z/OS is an IMS queue management tool that manipulates the local, live IMS message queues in both the shared and non-shared queue environments. In either environment, it can query, browse, load, unload and reprocess messages. The tool prevents queue overflow conditions in the nonshared queue environment and restores messages on the message queues for processing. It allows different IMS Queue Control Facility functions to run on multiple central electronics complexes (CECs) within a sysplex with other IMS Queue Control Facility servers.
IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS
IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS keeps an inventory of all key IMS system components. It also keeps track of all defined and active IMS system parameters. The sysplex manager is capable of issuing both Type 1 and Type 2 IMS commands and both types of commands can be routed to multiple IMS systems. The IMS Sysplex Manager monitors the dependent regions and tracks availability, transaction classes, as well as which regions are holding the most database locks and creating the most contention.
This is an interesting and useful set of tools to help configure and maintain IMS systems. This suite certainly helps with the challenges of setting up and supporting diverse mission-critical applications running under IMS in a z/OS environment.

SolutionPacs for IMS

IBM also has IMS tools organized as SolutionPacs that consist of one or more utilities and supporting documentation packaged to solve a specific challenge. The current set of IMS SolutionPac include:
  • IMS Database Solution Pack is used to integrate an entire set of IMS database products to help manage the full-function IMS database and high availability large databases with a single consolidated solution
  • IMS Performance Solution Pack is used to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end analysis of IMS transactions
  • IMS Recovery Solution Pack is used to help the timely recovery of IBM IMS database assets
  • IMS Database Utility Solution provides an integrated set of reorganizational utilities for IMS full-function and high availability large databases
  • IMS Fast Path Solution Pack is used to improve system availability with easy-to-use utilities with the functions needed to analyze, maintain and tune Fast Path databases.
  • IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack is designed to provide the tools needed to effectively monitor and manage IMS Transaction Manager environment.

Next Post

Next week, I’ll explore the SolutionPacs in more detail as well as database reorganization and administration tools.

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