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IMS Solution Packs Have Diverse and Needed Functionality

Joseph Gulla continues his series on IMS management software, focusing on IMS Solution Packs.

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Last week, I began a two-part series on IMS system management. This week, I’m continuing this series with a second post on IMS management software, specifically the IMS™ Solution Packs, which I introduced briefly last week. IMS has a broad, varied and powerful feature set and you can get insights into its makeup by examining its wide-ranging management systems and tools.

Solution Packs for IMS

In addition to the tools suite that I wrote about last week, IBM has IMS tools organized as Solution Packs that consist of utilities and supporting documentation packaged to meet a specific need. The current set of IMS Solution Packs includes the six packaged solutions discussed below, starting with the IMS Database Solution Pack and ending with the IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack.

IMS Database Solution Pack

This offering is used to support online database reorganizations, 24x7 availability, and manage full-function IMS databases and high availability large databases (HALDBs). This Solution Pack has the following powerful components:
  • IBM® IMS Administration Tool centralizes the control of key functions for IMS database administrators, giving them the tools needed to manage IMS DBD and PSB resources
  • IMS Database Reorganization Expert provides an integrated database reorganization infrastructure for IMS full function databases with support for the creation, customization and centralized storage of policies on database exception detection and conditional reorganization
  • IMS HALDB Toolkit provides features for the improved management and operation of the IMS HALDB environment
  • IMS High Performance Image Copy provides fast backup and recovery of database data sets using advanced copy technology and extends the capabilities of IMS  
  • IMS High Performance Load provides high speed database loading and includes capabilities not found in the base utilities
  • IMS High Performance Pointer Checker provides utilities to help ensure IMS databases are operational and ready for use with the highest availability by checking for potential problems frequently
  • IMS High Performance Prefix Resolution improves database management by simplifying prefix resolution and update tasks. It also reduces database reorganization elapsed and CPU time.
  • IMS High Performance Unload provides high speed database unloading while providing addition capabilities not found in the base utilities
  • IMS Index Builder offers an easy-to-use, one-step procedure for building IMS indexes that avoids the need to Image Copy
  • IMS Library Integrity Utilities help to enhance IMS database validity by helping to authenticate, compare, map, recover, report and regenerate a number of IMS libraries needed for operations
  • IMS Online Reorganization Facility performs a one-step reorganization of IMS databases with minimal impact to database availability
There are useful product pages available for each of these database tools. 

IMS Performance Solution Pack

Use this product to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end analysis of IMS transactions. The product combines the features and functions of three toolsets: IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS®, IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS, and IMS Problem Investigator for z/OS. Consider these important features:
  • Dynamic TCP/IP management, including TCP/IP transactions and DRDA requests from a single point of control for multiple IMS Connect systems
  • Comprehensive transaction performance and system resource usage reporting for IMS Database Manager (IMS DB) and IMS Transaction Manager (IMS TM) systems
  • Determine the cause of problems and trace the flow of events using formatted log data from records and transactions
  • Support for IMS Connect Extensions and Problem Investigator helping analyze problems encountered when running applications using Open Access to IMS Database
  • Expose near real-time IMS Connect transaction summary data to analytics engines
More details on each of these features are available from product pages.

IMS Recovery Solution Pack

IMS Recovery Solution Pack is used to help the timely recovery of IBM IMS database assets. It contains the IMS Database Recovery Facility for z/OS used to streamline the recovery process and reduce the time needed to recover databases by processing data in parallel and recovering database data sets simultaneously. It also includes IMS High Performance Change Accumulation, which is used to merge database changes quickly and accurately. Also included is IMS Index Builder for z/OS, which streamline index creation, reorganization, maintenance and recovery. IMS High Performance Image Copy for z/OS supplies rapid database copy and recovery of database data sets.
Utilities are included to unload, load, index build, reorganize, backup, verify and report. Autonomics help maintain health, performance and recoverability. Simultaneous recovery processing for multiple data sets is provided. Support is also provided to incorporate incomplete change accumulation data sets. Support is available to reuse existing IMS Database Recovery Control processes and to merge the most recent database changes without waiting for logs to be read sequentially.  

IMS Database Utility Solution

This tool provides an integrated set of reorganizational utilities for IMS full-function and HALDB databases. The solution consists of IMS Database Reorganization Expert, IMS HALDB Tool Kit, IMS High Performance Unload, IMS High Performance Load, IMS Index Builder, IMS High Performance Pointer Checker, IMS Library Integrity Utilities and IMS High Performance Image Copy plus Database Sensor.
The main benefits of the Solution Pack utilities focus on reduced operational complexity, the ability to get detailed insights, improved efficiency, reduced reorganization costs and faster backup and recovery.

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack

This pack is used to improve system availability with easy-to-use utilities with the functions needed to analyze, maintain and tune Fast Path databases. The Solution Pack includes support for Autonomics Director, IMS Database Repair Facility, IMS Fast Path Advanced Tool, IMS Fast Path Basic Tools, IMS Fast Path Online Tools, IMS High Performance Image Copy, IMS Library Integrity Utility, and support for Management Console for IMS and Db2®, IMS DEDB Online Structure Change and the Online Space Management utility.
The main benefits include the ability to leverage high performance utilities, automated monitoring and maintenance, the ability to perform time-consuming tasks more efficiently, manage IMS libraries effectively and improve IMS system availability.

IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack

This offering is designed to provide the tools needed to effectively monitor and manage the IMS Transaction Manager environment. Its main features are focused on streamlining change workflow process, simplifying workload management, improving control of IMS message queues, the ability to have real-time display of IMS systems, seamless management of the IMS extended terminal option environment and easier analysis and comparison of IMS configurations.
The main benefits of this Solution Pack are saving time by performing processes faster and the ability to manage IMS systems with greater simplicity and reduced costs by decreasing the expense of managing system parameters using a centralized approach.
This article and the one from last week contain a truly vast and comprehensive set of IMS utilities. The tools cover a wide array of functions relating to availability, performance, root cause analysis, change and many other management disciplines.

Next Post

Next week, I’ll explore the first of a two-part series of articles on API enablement on IBM Z. After that brief series, I’ll write about the 2020 Enterprise Computing Community Conference and then I’ll return to systems management with a focus on CICS®. That’s the plan for the weeks to come!

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