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(Re)Designed to Deliver: Explore the New

IBM Systems Media announces our redesigned—complete with an extensive organizational taxonomy, easy-to-use filtering options, a responsive interface and more.

At IBM Systems Media, 2018 and 2019 will be remembered as the years of the redesign. We started last spring with our EXTRA e-newsletters. Then we spent the fall redesigning the print and digital magazines. That left the biggest project of all— After eight months of work, I’m excited to announce the redesigned site has officially launched!
Since we last redesigned the website, technology has advanced, and the user experience has grown leaps and bounds. We’ve all come to expect a certain level of speed, customization and organization as we browse online, and our new website is designed to deliver all of the above.
Over the last year, we studied our readership surveys and other user feedback to map out which categories, subtopics and OSes matter the most to our readers, incorporating them into our website’s taxonomy. Security, cloud, systems management and community emerged as top categories across both IBM Z and Power Systems readers, landing them in our top navigation bar.
But our new taxonomy holds 18 categories in total, all of which can be differentiated by relevant OSes, and further narrowed through filtering by one (or multiple) subtopics. This taxonomy enables you to pinpoint what content you want to see, and what exactly that content should relate to. Your content search can be as general, or as specific as you’d like it to be.

You can now filter your content by related OS, including z/OS, AIX, IBM i, Linux on POWER or Linux on Z. Below, you'll find a visual of this feature. 

We’ve also divided our content into four main silos: IBM Z, Power Systems, Trends and IT Strategy. Each silo has a customized dropdown menu, enabling users to quickly find the content they’d like to see.
Another exciting feature is the “Related Content” field at the end of each article. After reading an article, our website will suggest three other articles that have been categorized in a similar way. For example, after finishing an article in the IBM Z silo categorized as systems management and security, other articles in the same silo related to those same categories will populate under “Related Content.”
For those exploring new topics, we’ve also added a “Start Here” section where introductory content on a given topic (e.g., AI, etc.) will be featured. Those who are well-versed in that topic can move further down the page to read more in-depth articles.
Our new website also features an easy to navigate “Current Issue” page, where all of the content from the latest print issue of each magazine is aggregated in one location. Check out the Current Issue page for the July/August issue of IBM Systems magazine, IBM Z or the Current Issue page for the July issue of IBM Systems magazine, Power Systems to see how it looks.
We take our IBM brand alignment very seriously, too. On the new website, you’ll notice universal use of the IBM Plex font family, along with the IBM color palette.
Because people aren’t just reading content on their desktop/laptop computers, we also made sure the new site is responsively designed. So it functions well on various mobile, tablet or desktop screens, providing a seamless user experience no matter what device you’re using.
These are just a few highlights—but as you dive into the user experience, you’ll learn even more about our new website’s functionality and features. I hope you enjoy navigating our new website as much as we enjoyed designing it. To share your thoughts on our redesign, drop me a line at [email protected].

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