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By Dava Stewart

Is Your Mainframe an Unguarded Fortress?

Why too many organizations fail to implement adequate security measures on their mainframe operations and how to effectively guard your IBM Z

By Jim Zell

Developing an Effective IBM Z Technology Planning Strategy

IBM Executive Architect and Chief Engineer Jim Zell on the importance of comprehensive mainframe modernization planning

By John Shuman

How Air-Gap Backup and Tape-Based Technology Protect Against Cybercrime

An air-gap backup and recovery strategy ensures that at least one copy of an organization’s data is disconnected and unavailable for access, helping to avoid data corruption

By David Bisson

Why Certificate Rotation Matters to Your Kubernetes and OpenShift Clusters' Security

Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters rely on several secure certificate chains and credentials for security

By Trevor Eddolls

Defend Your Mainframe Data From Internal Threats

When it comes to mainframe security, establishing Zero Trust Network Access could help protect from internal threats

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory

Innovations in the Terminal Emulation Space

A look at innovations in the terminal emulation space, and what to keep in mind when selecting a terminal emulator vendor