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Rob McNelly

Rob McNelly is a Senior AIX Solutions Architect doing pre-sales and post-sales support for IBM Premier Business Partner Meridian IT Inc. in Deerfield, Ill. He is a technical editor and a former administrator within IBM's Integrated Technology Delivery and Server Operations division. Rob was named an IBM Power Systems Champion ( in October 2011. Rob can be reached at [email protected].

A note from Rob:

“I enjoy camping, hiking, biking and backpacking through the mountains of Arizona. I’ve also learned to enjoy Ragnar races, and sprint triathlons. I always look forward to spending time on Arizona’s closest beach which is located in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I enjoy scuba diving from live-aboard diving boats. My favorite trip was hiking to the blue waters of Havasupai, and I’m planning on hiking the Grand Canyon in the near future. Long ago, I realized that I would rather live in a hot, dry climate than shovel snow.”


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