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About Us

TechChannel—an independent technology communications channel providing reliable, credible and relevant content—was launched in January 2021. Our goal is to deliver dynamic technical content infused with technology’s human side, through how-to articles and videos, blogs, podcasts, e-books, webinars, a solutions directory and more. TechChannel content is authored by members across the technology community, featuring seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs) across the ecosystem. We provide the IT community with the latest trends and information to help them make informed buying decisions, tie together technical and business-first language and learn about emerging technologies.
TechChannel aims to:

  1. Provide credible content written by and for the technology community 
  2. Cover the latest technology trends and innovations
  3. Strike a balance of technical content and content designed to highlight people in the IT community
  4. Amplify voices across the ecosystem and bring attention to the emerging skills gap for legacy technology (and how to close this gap)
  5. Listen to our audience through community surveys and design content to best fit their needs
  6. Brainstorm and introduce innovative content types that resonate with IT professionals
  7. Provide a highly effective channel for partners and vendors across the IT ecosystems to market and sell their hardware, solutions and services to users worldwide
  8. Elevate diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) initiatives, helping to build and nurture our industry and communities by embracing and honoring our differences

TechChannel and MSPC DEI Pillars

 • TechChannel and MSPC are committed to building and sustaining an inclusive, respectful, and transparent workplace that cultivates curious and talented employees by embracing and honoring our differences. 

• As a group of passionate journalists and storytellers, we aim to create relevant, accessible and credible kick-ass content that tells authentic stories, engages a diverse assortment of content producers and is built upon a foundation of connection. 

• We acknowledge diversity, equity and inclusion are not simply goals to set but core values to build into our enterprise and our agency. They are ongoing practices that shape the work we do and why we do it. 

• When we don’t live up to those standards, we will hold ourselves and our clients accountable to address the harm, own up to our mistakes and recommit ourselves to making progress. 

Contribute or Become a Marketing Partner

As a channel who values outside perceptions—and looks to experts across the technology ecosystem to contribute to and help shape our credible IT content—we invite you to reach out with ideas, investigate opportunities to contribute as an SME, or learn more about ways to reach this highly-targeted, engaged reader base with your marketing messages.
If you’re interested in content opportunities, reach out to Managing Editor Emma Pitzl ( For marketing inquiries, send a note to Publishing Director Mari Bray (

We look forward to hearing from you!