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Advanced Software Products Group Inc. (ASPG), a leader in data center software for 35-plus years, specializes in IBM Z security solutions–including z/OS encryption (CICS, Db2, IDMS, IMS, etc.), RACF administration/reporting/auditing, enterprise password reset, user provisioning and device access. Data centers worldwide rely on ASPG solutions to increase productivity, protect data and solve critical issues in their IT environments. All ASPG solutions are backed by acclaimed, industry-leading 24-7-365 U.S.-based technical support.

Solutions by Advanced Software Products Group

ERA–Easy RACF Audit

Easy RACF Audit provides RACF security risk assessment, auditing and customizable reporting. Using the SMF log, quickly and efficiently assess, audit and create a graphical report based on a library of RACF events. You can also easily identify RACF security violations in your environment. An intuitive interface allows quick summaries of crucial events.

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ERQ–Easy RACF Query

Easy RACF Query is a RACF administration, reporting and programming solution. It’s ISPF-driven and intuitively designed so users can easily issue RACF commands or generate reports with little or no training. Easy RACF Query offers extensive reporting; including digital certificate, multi-factor authentication and RACF setting reports. Find everything you need to manage RACF security in this one easy-to-use solution.

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MegaCryption is a suite of cryptography and key management utilities with APIs for persistent data encryption, integrity, and digital signing on z/OS, UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows (including CICS, Db2, IDMS and IMS). It supports data sets and databases, data-at-rest, data-in-transit and data archiving. It also offers ZIP compression, text translation, utilization of ICSF, CPACF and zEDC hardware while complementing pervasive encryption.

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More by Advanced Software Products Group

CryptoZ: z/OS Cryptography Unleashed - Administration, Reporting, Monitoring & ICSF App Prototyping

Deeper dive into your crypto infrastructure? CryptoZ is designed for Security Admins & App Developers, Sysprogs, and Hardware Engineers. Essential cryptography tools integrated under a single UI.

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