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Baer Consulting, Inc.

Offering solutions for:
Systems management,
Founded in 1982, Baer Consulting Inc. (BCI) is a Managed Solutions Provider of IBM Mainframe services and support. BCI helps mainframe decision makers avoid the hassle and complexity of planning, managing, and deploying On-Premise / Off-Premise Private Cloud services to meet today’s business demands. We deliver solutions that provide greater security of a private cloud with the reduced investment cost and faster time-to-value from a public cloud. BCI handles day-to-day infrastructure services and data center Operational tasks, i.e. managing and scheduling mainframe Workloads and providing traditional IT support for systems / hardware maintenance, ISV Software Support and 24x7 Client Call Center for technical assistance.

Solutions by Baer Consulting, Inc.

zManaged Mainframe Services

Baer Consulting can help you deliver on SME support services needed to maintain your critical systems and software. Baer Consulting managed services for mainframes are designed to address the disruptive change and modernization challenges IT Departments face today, i.e. Cloud business, replacement of aging CPU processors, operating systems, mixed-platform infrastructures and updating IT management software facing end-of-life support.  BCI Managed Services delivers:
  • Systems Programmer Support /Staffing
  • zSystems Maintenance, Upgrades
  • SW /HW License Support
  • Multi-Vendor ISV Support
  • Call Center –24x7 Client Support Desk
  • Project Level Support
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

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zSystems and Support Agreements

Baer Consulting can help you deliver on your initiative to find skilled and experienced technical staff needed to maintain your critical systems and software. BCI support offerings range from a basic staff augmentation to full service in-source/co-source support. By utilizing our 24x7x365 Help Desk/Operations Support Center, subject matter experts, senior system programmers, project and account management teams, BCI provides an unparalleled support system to bring continued service availability to your customer.

BCI offers retainer and project support service agreements (zSSA) to assist your in-house technical teams. Staff Augmentation is available to supplement daily work efforts, vacation schedules or special assignments at the project level or through our longer-term zSSA retainer offering.

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Mainframe Hosting

BCI’s Mainframe Hosting Services is designed to help you better align IT services to business priorities by helping speed the digital transformation process while reducing management risk and the overhead expenses of maintaining your own Enterprise Server on-premise.
Your digital Hosting initiative will still require the maintenance of older, on-premises assets while simultaneously calling for modern application front ends, cloud-native infrastructures, and technologies.  BCI Managed Hosting Services will provide staff augmentation, z/OS systems support, managed production, storage management, single vendor ISV software support and disaster recovery. BCI also provides the Mainframe Sunset Services to decommission and remove all hardware from your site when re-hosting is complete.

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