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Computer Keyes

Offering solutions for:
Office automation and support,
Computer Keyes is a leader in document distribution software for IBM i. kLink allows your employees and customers to securely transfer and access IBM i documents from any mobile device or browser. KeyesOverlay rapidly converts standard SCS printer files into eye-catching PDF documents in full color. KeyesOverlay can also be used to create interactive forms. KeyesArchive will archive spool files into your IFS and optionally index the individual documents or reports within the spool files. KeyesMail and KeyesFax are powerful multifunctional email and fax systems. KeyesPDF converts spool files into images or PDF documents. Computer Keyes has been developing software solutions since 1978.

Solutions by Computer Keyes


KeyesMail is a powerful multifunctional email system for IBM i. Burst spool files into PDF, RTF or TIF attachments with overlays. The system contains a full set of APIs and monitors an output queue making auto responses, auto forwards or report distribution quick and easy. Email can be accessed from any browser or terminal. The green-screen editor can view Microsoft™ Word™ attachments. KeyesMail connects to any mail server.


KeyesOverlay rapidly converts spool files into eye-catching full-color PDF documents. Create graphical overlays in full color (or black and white) then easily map your spool file text with different fonts, sizes and colors. KeyesOverlay can also create interactive forms for your customers to fill out and email or submit back to you. Design beautiful documents and attractive reports quickly. Then let KeyesOverlay create document after document at lightning speed.


KeyesPDF converts a spool file into an image. The resulting image can be used for any desired purpose, such as emailing or posting to a website. Spool files can be standard SCS printer files, AFPDS spool files or USERASCII spool files with HP-PCL code. The spool files will be converted into TIFF images, PDF documents, or ASCII text and placed either in a physical file, into your IFS or onto a network drive. The resulting file can then be emailed, transferred or copied to another destination, as desired.


kLink is a customizable online server for IBM i. It can be configured to do many things, including: sensitive document distribution, secure file transfers (upload and download) and receive submitted interactive PDF forms data. kLink also includes programmable buttons for performing lots of things, such as order processing. kLink uses two HTTP servers to transfer documents to and from any browser or mobile device, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.