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DRV Technologies, Inc.

Offering solutions for:
Office automation and support, Systems management,

DRV Technologies, Inc. is a software development company creating innovative solutions to help customers get more from their IBM i systems.

Solutions include:

• SpoolFlex paperless IBM i report conversion, email distribution & archiving

• FormFlex electronic forms laser print, email distribution, and archiving

• SecureChex secure MICR laser check printing

• MessageFlex system monitoring ensures smooth running of your IBM i

FlexTools streamline resources, improve efficiency and enable pro-active system management.

Better software, better customer service, DRV Tech.

Solutions by DRV Technologies, Inc.


SpoolFlex native IBM i software delivers an automated solution that quickly provides reliable, traceable, paperless report distribution in the formats users need. Features include:
  • Convert spooled files to PDF, Excel, and more
  • Integrated emailing and archiving
  • Fully Automated report delivery
  • Track, search and view what was sent
SpoolFlex requires no programming or PC servers and is flat priced for unlimited users.

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FormFlex native IBM i software replaces preprinted forms and checks with electronic forms that print, PDF, email and archive. FormFlex requires no programming or PC servers. Other features include:
  • Print forms to laser printers on plain paper
  • Integrated PDF, email and archiving
  • Track, search and view what was sent
  • Add SecureChex to print MICR laser checks
FormFlex replaces obsolete, unsupported legacy tools and is available at a flat price for unlimited users.

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IBM i system messages can tell you how the system is performing, provided someone is logging on and reviewing those messages. But in today’s environment, with remote workers and staffing challenges everywhere, maintaining personnel to monitor a console is a commodity many companies simply don’t have.

DRV’s MessageFlex software monitors IBM i system resources and message queues for system and program messages—proactively sending notifications by email, text message or forwarding messages without human intervention.

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