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Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.

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Enterprise Performance Strategies, led by Peter Enrico, has assisted hundreds of installations with their z/OS performance needs. Our services include z/OS performance education, consulting services and our premiere z/OS SMF performance reporting software—Pivotor.

We specialize in extending our expertise to ensure that your workloads are meeting their performance objectives while resource usage is optimized. Whether it’s attending our workshops, our on-site evaluations and discussions, or being a Pivotor z/OS performance reporting customer, we want you to think of us as your performance partners.

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In contrast to other z/OS SMF data reporting products, Pivotor z/OS performance reporting has the embedded expert knowledge and actual intelligence to help with the optimization of your environment. Some of the core architectural features of Pivotor are exception analysis, drill down by association, long-term reporting and data aggregation, short-term reporting, and high frequency analysis. We are especially proud of our built-in “playlist” analysis, custom reporting capabilities and the regular access you and your team members will have to our team of performance experts. Let us show you how Pivotor can enhance the performance of your environment.

Pivotor Free Cursory z/OS Performance Review

Peter Enrico and Scott Chapman are pleased to offer a 60- to 90-minute complimentary cursory z/OS performance discussion and data review, where nearly any z/OS performance topic is up for discussion. Prior to the review, we will request a set of raw SMF data. Once received and processed, we will do a preliminary analysis of your data, after which we will schedule the review to discuss the data and try to answer all of your questions and address your current concerns. After our discussion, you will have access to all the reports provided by Pivotor, our z/OS performance reporting solution.

z/OS Performance Health Check War Rooms and Performance Education Workshops

Performance experts Peter Enrico and Scott Chapman offer unique z/OS performance analysis workshops and consulting “War Rooms.” Both provide in-depth z/OS performance reviews, analyses, discussions, education and a post-session call, to further discuss your environment, and the recommended changes. Prior to our workshop, you will send us your SMF data and during the workshop you will perform an actual z/OS performance analysis. Our War Room is an interactive two-day on-site z/OS performance and capacity analysis session. Includes a preliminary analysis of your performance data before the visit and a follow-up call to review the effects of any changes that may have been made.

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