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Fresche Solutions

Offering solutions for:
Application modernization, Business intelligence analytics, Office automation and support, Services consulting, Web development,
Fresche is a leading provider of application modernization and management solutions that enable digital transformation for companies that rely on IBM i. Through the power of automated tools and experienced professionals, Fresche delivers innovative solutions that bring clients some of the best, boldest ways to modernize and better manage their business and IT.

With more than 400 digitally connected colleagues around the world and an extensive network of over 200 business partners, Fresche combines fresh thinking with technology and business expertise to help fuel transformation and growth for clients and their own customers.

Solutions by Fresche Solutions

Change Application Development Services

Fresche’s application development services team consists of full-time IBM i and web experts who can assist you with web and mobile development, creating APIs and web services to integrate with other platforms, extending your ERP and much more.
We understand our clients' needs because we've designed and developed hundreds of mission-critical web applications for small to large clients, including Fortune 500 organizations, across a broad spectrum of industries. Our North American-based team of developers and project managers complete the vast majority of our work from our offices, which keeps your costs down. We're known for our high-quality work, quick results, accurate estimates and responsiveness to client requests.  
We understand the technologies necessary to develop the best solutions for you and our team is fully versed in everything IBM i as well as other mainstream programming languages and databases– old and new. Our team makes a great choice to help you move projects forward quickly, whether using our suite of rapid development and modernization products or your technologies of choice. 
We also have product developers, network administrators and tech support teams around the world, which provides us with increased resources and a deeper pool of knowledge that can help serve you around the globe. We can create entire web applications for you, jump-start your projects or work in tandem with your IT staff.  
You can count on us to take ownership of projects and provide quality solutions that play a strategic role in your IT environment. 

Application Modernization Solutions

Your IBM i applications have served your organization for decades and represent a storehouse of valuable business rules, operational procedures and customer data. However, it’s difficult to find resources that can maintain and develop the RPG, COBOL, CA 2E (Synon) and other code. In addition, it can be challenging to integrate older languages with emerging technologies. Modernizing your applications and converting your code to modern languages with automated tools can make your system accessible to new, non-IBM i programmers while preserving the functionality, business processes and structure of your applications. Automated conversion ensures quick, cost-effective and accurate migration to new languages.
Our application modernization solutions include converting RPG and CA 2E (Synon) to modern languages; converting RPG and CA 2E (Synon) to Java, RPG Free, PHP and others to take advantage of modern technology; integration opportunities and more readily available staff with relevant skill sets; and tool-assisted re-architecting and rewriting.

IBM i (AS/400) Operations Management (On-Premise/Cloud/Hybrid) - Abacus

Abacus, a Fresche Solutions brand, is obsessively focused on IBM i, with dedicated tools and expertise to better manage and maintain everything from infrastructure to applications on the platform. Additionally, we offer the most extensive portfolio so that you’re able to customize a services and support package that balances your unique set of cost and performance needs.
Augmenting existing IBM i staff and backfilling retiring staff with highly trained and skilled technical resources from Abacus can help you bring more projects to completion and enable IT to deliver better value to the business. With some of the best IBM i engineers in the market, Abacus is bringing a wide variety of skills and freeing up internal resources for its customers so they can focus on new opportunities and work on the things that really matter.
Not sure if this is the right service for you? A few things to ask yourself:
  • Are you or your IBM i resources retiring soon?
  • Are you looking for a better technical team to support your environment?
  • Are you experiencing unplanned outages?
  • Are you or your team free to concentrate on business priorities?
  • Do you require better uptime?
  • Do you need experienced IBM i resources to focus on the OS level and down so you can focus on the application level and above?
  • As hardware refreshes come up, are there any IBM i workloads that could move to the cloud?
  • Do you need to keep your environments on-premise?
Our operations management solutions offer companies that rely on IBM i systems with some of the most innovative and advanced practices and comprehensive SLAs for response, uptime, backup, and business continuity.
Solutions include:
  • Cloud Hosting (cloud, on premise and hybrid)
  • Enterprise cloud
  • Entry cloud for IBM i
  • Wintel cloud
  • High availability as a service (HAaaS)
  • Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • Back up-as-a-service (BaaS)
  • Infrastructure management and OS upgrades
  • New and pre-owned IBM i hardware


Formtastic is an easy-to-use document automation solution that enables you to design custom forms, checks and barcode labels from a WYSIWYG designer. From there, Formtastic extracts spool data from your IBM i and inserts it into the new business form. You can then automatically fax, email, print or store the newly formatted electronic document within a network. You can use Formtastic to:
  • Create graphical IBM i documents without coding or redevelopment
  • Instantly modernize ERP documents with pre-packaged overlays
  • Replace obsolete or old solutions (IBM AFP Utilities, Optio, ACOM)
  • Import existing SCS or AFP forms or forms from other tools
  • Automatically export, archive, fax and email documents as PDF Access documents from a secure, mobile-friendly web portal

Fresche Green Screen Modernization Solutions

Delivering modern web and mobile applications offers advantages and added business value. Organizations can increase end-user productivity, improve workflows and end-user experience by providing direct access to applications via browser. New functionality can lead to faster data entry, while a familiar interface can reduce training costs. Using web technologies (e.g., open source, APIs and cloud) provides opportunities to integrate with other systems and improves the agility of your organization.
Fresche's Newlook and Presto provide flexible and efficient options for delivering modern IBM i applications with fewer resources. Leverage your proven 5250 applications by automatically delivering a modern UI that leverages your IBM i applications. The solutions provide:
  • Global rules to customize multiple screens at once
  • Visual designer to enhance screens and add new functionality (e.g., autocompletes, images)
  • Mobile support so users can access applications from any device
  •  Support for APIs and web services to integrate with other technologies
  • Optional web portal to access modernized screens, new web applications and other IBM i resources

Fresche Reporting Solutions

Fresche's modern business intelligence solutions make it easy to create real-time interactive dashboards, web reports and spreadsheets using IBM i Db2 and other data. With real-time data at their fingertips, users will make more informed sales, inventory and finance decisions. Fresche’s reporting solutions are a cost-effective way to replace legacy tools like Query/400. Users get the data they need, when they need it, in the format they want, all with minimal help from IT. Use the solution to:
  • Create web reports in minutes with Db2, MySQL and Microsoft SQL templates
  • Use a secure, mobile-friendly web portal for reports and dashboards (no coding required)
  • Access reports anytime, from anywhere, on PCs and mobile devices
  • Automatically deliver spool files and documents via email, print, network drives or a web portal

IBM i Database Modernization and Transformation

X-DB Modernize is a complete database modernization solution that moves IBM i databases to modern target databases. A key strength is its capability to copy production data into a new database without the need to re-compile programs. The solution is highly configurable and handles the unique challenges presented when migrating IBM i DDS. X-DB Modernize also provides data integrity validation.
X-DB Modernize key features:
  • Supports multiple target databases (e.g., DDS to DDL, SQL, etc.)
  • Includes pre-conversion problem analysis
  • Copies data into new database without the need to re-compile applications
  • Finds orphaned records, creates test databases and masks sensitive data
  • Provides before and after database structure view
  • Conversion and migration time estimations
Degree of database modernization: names—long/short/long and short; views; indexes; primary keys; foreign keys constraints.

IT Strategy and Discovery Solutions

Improving agility, competitiveness and increasing customer satisfaction can be challenging if the largest part of an organization runs on legacy applications and if there is constant change in technology, growing customer demands and shortage of developers skilled in RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon). Fresche’s IT strategy services allow you to deliver better business value by aligning IT initiatives with strategic business goals. Fresche provides a 360-degree view of your IBM i application landscape and pinpoints its degree of alignment to your business goals and future direction. Our solutions focus on a detailed analysis, strategy and planning process for IT, paving the way to improved business results.
A well-crafted and executed IBM i management and modernization strategy lets you harness the power of IBM i while leveraging modern technologies to streamline your application portfolio. This approach enables your business to better meet changing user demand and helps IT reduce maintenance costs, mitigate potential compliance risk and eliminate redundancy.
Fresche’s IT Strategy Services include:  
  • Strategy and Planning: Obtain a thorough analysis of your IBM i environment and determine a customized, best-fit approach to maintain, transform and evolve your IBM i application portfolio. Establish one or more project plans with budget and staffing estimates, outline a development, support and innovation strategy for the key applications required to run the business and more.  
  • Modernization Roadmap: Align your business improvement outcome with the right modernization strategy. Figure out what the best modernization option is for you: GUI, mobile and web enablement, service-oriented architecture, application and database conversion, support enhancement, and more. Improve ROI and enhance productivity.
  • IT Health Check: Analyze the current state of your IBM i. During the IT health check, you’ll receive an in-depth audit and a deep code and data analysis. This forensics-based analysis is complemented by on-site interviews to evaluate administrative, development and operational processes as well as assess resource skill sets and security procedures.

IBM i (AS/400) HA, DR & Backup Services - Abacus

IBM i HA/DR and Backup services delivering flexible and secure solutions that ensure your company can scale, recover and get up and running fast - when it matters most. On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid solutions available.
When unplanned downtime hits, the ability to quickly restore data and gain access to systems is critical. In 2021, the overall number of disruptions, cyber-attacks and disasters that IT had to deal with grew at an alarming rate. Could your organization recover from an incident without impacting your business? Do your systems scale when you need them to and do you think the trunk of your car is the right strategy for your backups?
We work with companies who rely on mission critical IBM i systems to develop the ideal HA/DR and backup strategies for them. We offer very flexible and varied solutions that leverage different techniques – aligning the right approach for each customer. Our goal is to make sure that your strategy is as strong as possible, will achieve a full recovery and get your company up and running fast!
Our team of IBM i (AS/400) experts brings a host of DR, HA and backup management solutions for your systems—on premise, in cloud or both—with as little or as much help as you need to get it done! Implementation services, support, monitoring, 24-7 operations.

Staffing and Managed Application Services

Many companies have difficulty finding staff with IBM i skills to maintain and enhance their systems. In some cases, retiring resources take with them all technical knowledge of business-critical applications and leave the company with no one trained to take care of the system. In other instances, small teams with large workloads must postpone IT projects or extend deadlines.
Our flexible staffing and application services portfolio lets you hire our IBM i experts to help with anything you need: maintenance, new development, modernization or just ensuring that critical applications have the level of support they need. Our experts can work as part of your team, or you can choose to let us manage the whole project. You may need extra help for three months, a year or an extended period—we have your back in every situation:
  • Staffing services: Our pool of experienced IBM i professionals proficient in RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon), as well as modern languages and best IT practices, can help you with any project. Hours and length of contract are flexible—save money and the time you would have spent searching for the right person. Fresche professionals working with your team are backed up by other Fresche resources trained in your system and our whole team is available to provide expert advice. Maintain complete control of your projects and employ our resources in the way that makes most sense for your business. Sometimes, the best approach is to completely outsource part or all of your IT activities, whether that means outsourcing your whole IT operation or just an end-to-end project.
  • Application services: Our skilled professionals have an average of 20 years of experience in IBM i languages and databases. The collective knowledge of our growing services team is backed up with 40 years of experience with coding standards, formalized prioritization processes, regular governance reviews and dashboards of key performance indicators. We take on full responsibility of your IT as an extension of your organization. We are committed to delivering successful outcomes measured by the service levels you define. We take on full responsibility of your IT as an extension of your organization.


WebSmart is a rapid development tool for creating PHP, Node.js and RPG desktop and mobile web applications that run on IBM i, Windows or Linux. It helps you quickly develop strategic applications that improve processes or generate revenue, such as B2B order entry, e-commerce, invoicing, inquiries and more. WebSmart’s Db2 and other templates give you quick results and shorten the web development learning curve by generating the starting client and server-side logic for you. You can then add custom business logic in the WebSmart IDE to create applications for any business need. The templates generate a single code base for both desktops and mobile devices by using Bootstrap, the most popular open-source responsive framework. WebSmart gives you the option to choose between PHP, Node.js and ILE editions. PHP and Node.js are popular open-source languages that can help attract new developers.


X-Analysis Suite gives you everything you need to better understand, maintain, enhance and evolve your IBM i applications. Fully integrated with RDi, X-Analysis helps developers, analysts, architects and operations teams gain a full understanding of their RPG, CA 2E (Synon) or COBOL systems to make informed decisions, modernize IT operations and manage applications faster.
The suite consists of the following modules:  
  • X-Analysis Advisor: Everyone in your organization can benefit from the valuable information in your RPG and COBOL applications
  • X-Analysis Advisor: Analyzes code quality, extracts business rules and automatically generates complete system documentation
    • Creates interactive charts and graphs that can also be exported to leading desktop publishing programs and shared within the organization
    • Breaks applications down into logical areas and helps you fully understand your code, data model and the impact of changes to the system
  • X-Datatest: Effective data and test management tools help you test undocumented IBM i applications. X-Datatest provides a fully equipped framework and appropriate tools that configure and automate test cases; it gives you complete independence to carry out advanced testing operations. X-Datatest:
    • Automates the building and data refreshing of test database subsets
    • Improves regression testing
    • Uses comparison reports to help isolate errors, while the tools provide data masking, aging and filters
  • X-Resize: The tool helps resize fields in IBM i applications. Includes detailed impact analysis to ensure that resizing efforts do not cause unintended problems. X-Resize helps identify and resolve issues at all stages of the resizing project by generating a comprehensive suite of reports and drill-down inquiries that identify any system components that may be affected by changing a field definition. This allows you to get a detailed impact assessment pre-conversion, eliminating guesswork and automatically handling all aspects of the resizing task. It also provides exception reports for overlapping fields, screen size restrictions and other issues.
  • X-2E Analysis includes everything required to analyze and document CA 2E (Synon) applications, extract business rules and audit code quality. X-2E Analysis helps you:
  • Understand your IBM i applications and the complex relationships within, by giving you a visual rendering of objects from multiple points of view
  • View business rules in easy readable pseudo code
  • Understand change impact with powerful impact analysis and see every place where an object is used
  • Understand code quality—measure, monitor and proactively manage complexity and changes to the applications; spend less time testing and developing
  • Drill down and see all connections in your CA 2E applications; color coding for all object types gives instant visual cues