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Infotel Corp.

Offering solutions for:
Application development, Database, Tools and utilities,
Infotel is an enterprise software vendor and IT consulting firm helping customers thrive in the digital age with solutions that optimize and improve z/OS usage and costs. Our diverse suite of products provides intelligent insight, automation and optimization tools that enable our customers to serve their customers better, more securely, and at a lower cost.

Solutions by Infotel Corp.

DB/IQ Quality Assurance (QA)

DB/IQ is a tool designed for DBAs and DevOps to ensure high quality and maintainability of Db2 applications. DB/IQ evaluates the health of your existing applications, ensures full compliance of code put into production and suggests ways to optimize application performance.

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DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan)

DB/IQ Package Management (PackMan) helps manage the DevOps chaos by identifying redundant packages, removing them and reorganizing the Db2 catalog. The result is a cleaner Db2 catalog that is streamlined for more reliable application performance.

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Application Parallel Testing (APT)

Infotel’s z/OS Application Environment for Parallel Testing (APT) solution is the only testing tool using VSAM and containerization that leverages automation and isolation of programs and data for faster test cycles. With APT, the lead time of the most critical and costly stages of the test cycles is greatly reduced so applications are put into production faster and with less resources.

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Arvitam from Infotel

Arvitam is a digital preservation solution enabling long-term protection of all electronic enterprise data. It preserves vital digital assets, eliminates risk of non-compliance with regulatory obligations and strengthens trust in clients’ data.