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Kato Integrations

Kato Integrations is an IBM i solution provider offering API toolkits used to connect many of today’s most popular services with the RPG programming language. Along with affordable cloud hosting services and a highly experienced professional services team, Kato Integrations has become a leader in helping today’s most competitive businesses.
To try one of our toolkits, simply send us an email. We offer a free, 30-day trial + proof of concept to help you see it in action. Developers are often able to use their proof of concept directly in production. Try it today!

Solutions by Kato Integrations

API Toolkits

Kato Integrations' API Toolkits offer a comprehensive solution for effortlessly integrating your IBM i applications with popular third-party services. These prebuilt, easy-to-use connectors facilitate seamless communication between your applications and services like UPS, CyberSource and address validation. By handling authentication, API calls and data parsing, these toolkits simplify the integration process, reducing development time and effort. The API Toolkits empower RPG developers to enhance business capabilities by extending the functionality of IBM i systems. With Kato Integrations' API Toolkits, you can effectively bridge the gap between your IBM i applications and the digital world beyond.

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Litmis Spaces

Litmis Spaces by Kato Integrations is a cost-effective cloud hosting service designed specifically for IBM i environments. Our secure, reliable and scalable hosting solution ensures a seamless transition of your IBM i infrastructure to the cloud while maintaining optimal performance. With Litmis Spaces, businesses of all sizes can benefit from flexible pricing plans, allowing for affordable cloud hosting. In addition to providing valuable cloud hosting, Litmis Spaces provides exceptional customer support, guaranteeing peace of mind for IBM i users seeking a comprehensive hosting solution.

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RPG API Express

RPG API Express is a powerful and versatile toolkit of RPG sub-procedures designed to streamline the integration of APIs with your IBM i applications. Developed by Kato Integrations for over 15 years, this solution enables RPG developers to effortlessly consume and create RESTful APIs in native RPG, eliminating the need for complex third-party tools. RPG API Express simplifies the entire process, from authentication to data parsing, providing seamless connectivity to various web services. It supports JSON, XML, REST and SOAP, and its extensive documentation and code generators allow for faster development cycles. With RPG API Express, you can unlock your IBM i system's full potential, enhancing your business capabilities and efficiency.

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