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Offering solutions for:
Application development, Application modernization, Mobile, Web development,
A leader in low-code and modernization for IBM i and cross-platform enterprises.

Whether it’s powering most of Las Vegas’ vacation bookings, driving one of the largest automobile manufacturers’ supplier fulfillment processes, or empowering a large ice cream company to reach its customers outside of the store—LANSA powers the applications behind virtually every industry. With 8,000+ -plus customers worldwide, LANSA helps enterprises modernize and streamline application development so they can keep doing what they were built to do: exceed customer expectations.

Solutions by LANSA


Portalize is a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential portal features right out of the box. Your developers can focus on creating solutions rather than spending time developing complex features needed in today’s application portals. Advanced navigation and security features make it easy for your users to navigate safely while important admin features ensure managing your portal is efficient. Portalize is powered by Visual LANSA so customization is easy and virtually limitless. Simply plug-in your Visual LANSA application into Portalize’s framework and your enterprise portal is ready to go.


LANSA's Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) is a modernization solution that addresses both immediate tactical needs (5250 to GUI) and strategic long-term requirements (future-proofing applications and platform independence). RAMP is a reengineering tool that lets you rapidly consolidate 5250 applications into a graphical application framework to create composite applications. You can incrementally replace 5250 programs with new components in a timeframe that make sense to your organization. The application framework can be executed as a Windows desktop or web browser application and contain components built with RPG, COBOL, Visual LANSA, Visual C# .NET, web pages and others.



aXes web-enables your 5250 applications on-the-fly so you can access them securely and remotely via a web browser. Transform existing 5250 screens into web pages out-of-the-box, without changing source code. Run your new web application on any mobile device and gain access to mobile features like geolocation, video, barcodes and more. Build brand new applications or add mobile functionality to existing IBM i applications to use on any mobile, tablet or smartphone. Enhance applications with a host of web user interface controls, and add value with new business processes—optimizing workflows and decreasing user training times.


LANSA Composer is a simple and cost-effective way to get business transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort. The LANSA Composer business process integration suite is designed to handle the many integration and process improvement challenges businesses face by streamlining how data is exchanged, processed and monitored among internal systems, external trading partners, and the cloud. A true no-code solution that can run on Microsoft Windows and the IBM i. Composer activities can interact with interactive 5250 applications via aXes to retrieve and send data. We provide robotic process automation right on IBM i.

Visual LANSA

Visual LANSA empowers dev teams to produce high-quality, high-scale applications for any device or form-factor with the ease of visual drag-and-drop design. Combine that with the power of one programming language, the result is low-code without limitations. Visual LANSA can be installed directly on the IBM i, offering integration not seen in any other low-code solution. Call RPG programs, access spooled files, and access your Db2 database all while creating modern web applications that can run on your IBM i, on a Microsoft Windows or Linux server, or even in the cloud.


LANSA Integrator

LANSA Integrator is a strategic middleware for data integration that provides tools and services that connects applications and businesses. It simplifies exchanging data between applications and transferring files and documents between businesses. Allows application-to-application and business-to-business data exchanges and document transfer, automating manual data integration processes. It enables bi-directional flows of data and/or files in almost any format including XML, text, image, email, PDF, Microsoft Excel, EDI X12, and EDIFACT.


Use LongRange and RPG/COBOL to develop native mobile apps that extend your IBM i business processes to users of mobile devices. Utilize capabilities such as GPS sensors, camera/scanner, offline-storage and more. The LongRange mobile app builder is based on two fundamental principles: The mobile app development and maintenance process must have a short time-to-market and a justifiable total-cost-of-ownership—both vitally important to IBM i development sites constrained by restricted budgets, time constraints and ever-present resource limitations.