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Log-On Software

Offering solutions for:
Application development, Business intelligence analytics, Database, HA DR backup, Linux on IBM Z, Performance, Storage, Systems management, Tools and utilities,
Log-On Software is a leading developer of world-class software solutions and provider of software services ranging from programming to the complete management and execution of development projects. Log-On’s reputation for delivering superior solutions derives from its mastery of leading-edge technologies combined with extensive experience managing the software development process. With over 30 years’ experience and 750 specialists in software, data communications and security, Log-On delivers innovation and value across solution spaces including mainframe, security systems, e-business, conversion and migration, networking, and cellular. Our portfolio of satisfied users and clients spans all major industries and includes many of the world’s largest organizations.

Solutions by Log-On Software

QuickSelect for Db2

QuickSelect for Db2 delivers immediate performance gains and cost savings for Db2 applications and batch jobs. SQL retrieving the same result sets over and over from reference/code/lookup and other slow-to-change tables result in excessive Db2 CPU consumption and performance degradation. When these result sets are cached in and served from high-performance QuickSelect cache, performance gains are dramatic and CPU savings result. QuickSelect eliminates the expensive round trip to Db2 for repetitive requests while delivering 4-5x the performance of Db2 buffer pools! Best of all, it installs dynamically with no changes to JCL

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Total Utility Control

Db2 utilities are used for routine housekeeping tasks including backups, REORGs and statistics collection. Executing the right utility at the right time against the right object is vital to the health of Db2 objects and the efficiency and performance of Db2 applications. Running a REORG, for example, against objects that aren’t in need wastes resource. Conversely, not REORGing objects when needed degrades Db2 performance. Unfortunately, the DBA group often lacks the resource to continuously optimize the timing and scope of utility execution. Total Utility Control automatically optimizes all aspects of utility execution to ensure the highest level of Db2 performance and availability.

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Log-On APL2

Log-On APL2 is the successor to IBM APL2 and is fully compatible. APL2 is a proven and widely used programming language offering unparalleled array processing capabilities. APL2 is well-suited to complex engineering, scientific and financial computations. Log-On is excited to offer Log-On APL2 to the APL2 user base and looks forward to continuing to support this important programming language and its user community.

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Inspect-CPU (ICPU) is an innovative, real-time CICS performance solution that monitors the activity of application programs, providing unique insights into application program performance characteristics. ICPU points out the programs that cause spikes in CPU usage and erratic response times, providing new opportunities to save CPU cycles and increase throughput. Most importantly, due to ICPU’s very low overhead (<2%), ICPU can monitor applications in production for unlimited time periods to capture sporadic problems, and provide an accurate picture of your programs’ CPU usage.

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Log-On Wave for IBM Z

Log-On Wave for IBM Z is the successor to IBM Wave for z/VM. Log-On Wave is a systems management and productivity solution for highly virtualized Linux environments under z/VM. With its powerful and intuitive user interface, Wave shields the complexity of z/VM and simplifies configuration, operation and management of Linux instances and resources. From a single intuitive screen, you can easily manage complex IBM Z Linux infrastructures—automating repetitive tasks with a few clicks, responding faster to business requests for new instances and additional resource, and quickly identifying, diagnosing and resolving performance and operational issues. Please contact us for additional information.

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VTFM-NewGen is a software-only solution that manages z/OS tape volumes directly on mainframe DASD and in the cloud. VTFM-NewGen leverages your investment in commodity storage—no additional hardware is required. VTFM-NewGen complements your existing VTL solution by delivering bulletproof mainframe reliability and availability for the management of your most active and critical tape volumes with no additional moving parts. VTFM is a transparent install. It requires no change to your existing storage processes. Just define VTFM to your tape management solution, allocate storage and specify the volumes you would like VTFM to manage—on prem and in the cloud.

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