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MacKinney Systems

Offering solutions for:
Application development, Security, Systems management, Tools and utilities,
Since 1980, MacKinney Systems has been providing some of the most widely used z/OS and z/VSE tools in the mainframe industry. MacKinney Systems has developed tools which are used by Fortune 500 companies and around the world and has achieved global acceptance by providing best price and performance combined with top-quality support.

Solutions by MacKinney Systems

TRACK, XRAY and Dump Detective

TRACK, XRAY and Dump Detective are MacKinney Systems’ mainframe cost-effective application debugging and analysis tools for the z/OS and z/VSE environments. These tools provide application developers with an interactive source-level debugging session for Assembler, COBOL and PL/1 programs. They enable fast and effective development, testing and maintenance for both CICS and batch programs.

CICS/MAPR II, Easy Help for CICS, CICS/Forward Recovery and FileMarvel

Features include:

• CICS/MAPR II: Create or modify CICS screens fast and easily
• Easy Help for CICS: Easy to implement interactive help without program changes
• CICS/Forward Recovery: Quickly recovers corrupted or lost CICS VSAM files
• FileMarvel: Full-featured ISPF VSAM, sequential and PDS file editor

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CICS File Availability

CICS File Availability provides file reorganization with concurrent update access in CICS, bringing you closer to 24-7 availability. After a CICS to batch file copy, any tasks accessing the file are suspended for the time it takes for a file rename. Users see a small delay during the rename instead of file-closed error messages.

MacKinney Batch to CICS (MBC) provides the ability to control CICS resources from batch. With 50-plus commands, you can easily alter VSAM, RLS, program, tranid and TDQ resources. Complete audit trails and full security help make MBC a choice tool for Fortune 500 companies.

JES Queue for Printers, VTAM Virtual Printer, MacKinney Print Transform, VSE/Power Queue for Printers

MacKinney Systems provide mainframe cost-effective and secured printing solutions. These printing solutions—including JES Queue for Printers, VTAM Virtual Printer, MacKinney Print Transform and VSE/Power Queue for Printers—deliver reports from the JES or VSE/Power spool to TCP/IP printers or print servers. Solimar and Xerox’s LCDS interface is provided. Traditional CICS printing is captured and redirected to a TCP/IP printer. Advance Function Presentation transforms to PCL, Postscript or PDF are available.

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JES Report Broker, JSF-Job and Syslog Facility

MacKinney Systems’ offers cost-effective and secured document delivery and archival system for the mainframe. JES Report Broker delivers JES documents via secured web browser, FTP or email with available AFP transforms to PCL, Postscript or PDF. JOB and Syslog Facility archives JES SYSLOG to JSF database for ISPF viewing and other processing.

VTAM/Switch, Session-Manager/SWAP, Session-Manager/Menu, CICS/Signon

VTAM/Switch is a full function multi-session VTAM manager. Session Manager for CICS/SWAP gives you up to eight CICS terminal sessions with the ability to launch specific applications per session. Session Manager for CICS/Menu lets you group users and gives menu access to CICS group-centric applications. CICS/SignOn provides identity control and transaction security in CICS environments.

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