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Midrange Dynamics North America

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Application development,
Discover how software and education from Midrange Dynamics North America make it easier to build great applications. Our solutions support the latest IDEs like VS Code, IT strategies such as DevOps, and CI/CD pipelines. With MDChange, code inside source files, the IFS libraries, or place changes in a Git/SVN repository. We keep track of changes for you as they move through the build cycle, with flexible deployment and rollback. Automate pipelines, easily refresh test data, reduce downtime to minutes, create and manage REST APIs, and more. Our IBM i clients can evolve their IT strategies in a way that doesn’t hamper productivity.

Solutions by Midrange Dynamics North America

Accelerating Change and Integration on IBM i

Upgrade to the Midrange Dynamics product suite to meet today’s development needs and build a foundation to support new technologies and initiatives like DevOps. MDChange brings IBM i and multiplatform development, including Git and SVN repositories, under comprehensive change management with flexible deployment and rollback. It excels in managing SQL development. With MDWorkflow, track projects or requests and integrate with all popular CI/ CD solutions. MDTransform maps and manages database changes and provides cross-partition, intelligent test data refreshes. Move database changes into production in seconds with MDRapid. With MDRest4i, create, manage and deploy REST APIs using your RPG skills.

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The Growing Relevance of REST APIs

REST APIs are the safe and secure communications option on the IBM i platform, as Scott Klement of Midrange Dynamics explains

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