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Profound Logic

Offering solutions for:
Application development, Application modernization, Services consulting,
Profound Logic delivers innovation and transformation within reach. We are among the only IBM i modernization partners with a fully integrated solution stack to solve today’s complex business challenges. For more than 20 years, we've helped you innovate for the future through application modernization, integration, and development. Profound Logic Solutions support flexible code transformation, system integration and API modernization, rapid application and low code development, application interface and database modernization, cloud readiness, and professional services and staff augmentation.  
We have offices in Ohio, California, and Mississippi, in addition to partners located worldwide. Learn more at or contact us at 877-224-7768.

Solutions by Profound Logic

Flexible Code Transformation Service

Profound Logic’s Flexible Code Transformation service gives businesses an automated approach to converting legacy RPG source code to Node.js or truly modern RPG.
Converted RPG code is much easier to work with and maintain, especially by developers new to the IBM i. Converted code makes applications scalable, portable, modularized, and cloud-ready.
Profound Logic is the only partner that provides a unified development environment for all its solutions. Our Flexible Code Transformation service integrates seamlessly with our entire suite of development and modernization products. 

Profound API

Profound API is a solution to ensure robust, stable, and secure API development on IBM i, and turn your systems of record into systems of engagement with REST web services.
As a part of Profound Logic’s Profound.js solution, Profound API provides easy access to existing IBM i data, programs, and resources. This solution enables you to quickly develop and deploy API that run natively on IBM i and follow industry standards with built-in sSwagger and eExpress functionality. It is a top solution to deliver the connected, portable, and cloud-ready applications your business needs. 


Profound.js provides low code development capabilities, and significantly accelerates the process of developing and deploying IBM i desktop and mobile applications by removing manual hand-coding efforts. The new applications are built in Node.js which runs natively on IBM i and other on-premise and cloud platforms.
With this low code solution, IT departments can keep up with the demands of maintaining existing applications while deploying new applications and application enhancements in a fraction of the time of traditional development. It mitigates the challenge new developers have when adjusting to developing on the IBM i platform, and ensures development doesn’t slow down when RPG developers retire.RVI for Windows.