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Raz-Lee Security

Offering solutions for:
Business intelligence analytics, Database, Security, Tools and utilities,
IBM i is different from other systems. Securing it requires expertise. Raz-Lee Security is one of the only IBM i security providers that concentrates on the IBM i. Raz-Lee is one of the leading independent creators of cybersecurity and compliance solutions. Raz-Lee delivers high-level security solutions, enabling organizations to comply with global regulations such as GDPR, PCI, and SOX. 

Raz-Lee's flagship iSecurity suite protects organizations against insider and outside threats, preventing unauthorized access to business-critical information. Raz-Lee is committed to providing comprehensive IBM i compliance, auditing and security solutions.

Solutions by Raz-Lee Security

iSecurity Anti-Ransomware

Every 11 seconds, ransomware attacks. Your IBM i isn't safe, even if it isn't connected to the Internet. Once the IFS is mapped to an infected PC, your IBM i is under attack. Anti-virus cannot stop the attack. It just summarizes the results. iSecurity Anti-Ransomware immediately stops attacks as they start, even Zero-Day attacks. 

Your IBM i is facing these threats right now.

Get yourself secured.

Key features:
  • Stop ransomware attacks as they start
  • Both known and zero-day ransomware
  • Alert by email, send message to SIEM
  • New attack simulator
  • Installed on IBM i

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iSecurity Antivirus

iSecurity Antivirus software cannot be disabled by any known virus, runs Locally at the IBM i or it can be executed on ICAP Client Mode releasing all the processing load to specific and trusted servers and gives to you the power to choose the Antivirus Database Provider.

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iSecurity Firewall

iSecurity Firewall is a comprehensive, all-inclusive intrusion prevention system that secures every type of internal and external access to the IBM i server. It enables you to easily detect remote network accesses and, most importantly, implement real-time alerts.

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iSecurity Multi Factor Authentication

iSecurity provides Multi Factor Authentication simply, inside the IBM i, as part of the user’s initial program, prompting for MFA at sign-on. No need for multiple login steps — one step is enough.

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iSecurity DB-Gate

Using standard SQL, natively embedded in RPG and COBOL, to access Oracle, Microsoft SQL and other external databases sounds like a dream. DB-Gate enables it at an affordable price.  

DB-Gate even enables interactive STRSQL over remote databases. 

No need to learn special calls. Forget using APIs. 

Designed especially for large organizations, it is a game-changer. 

Key features: 
  • Based on standard IBM i exit point unique technology
  • Native standard integration with RPG, COBOL, STRSQL 
  • Expands IBM i to other databases
  • IBM i server authentication integration automatically injects user/password

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iSecurity AP-Journal

By providing a timeline report of all changes relating to application data, iSecurity AP-Journal reduces unauthorized activity and enables users to meet regulatory requirements. iSecurity AP-Journal also issues real-time alerts to inform managers of any changes in application databases or unapproved access to critical data.

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iSecurity Audit

iSecurity Audit enhances native IBM i auditing by monitoring and reporting on all activities in the IBM i environment. It employs real-time detection to identify security events as they occur and record details in a log file. iSecurity Audit offers the most powerful and flexible reporting features available today. It includes more than eighty ready-to-run queries and reports.

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