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At Remain Software, we deliver innovative, reliable, and future-ready solutions for application lifecycle management and have done so for more than 25 years. With our solutions, intuitively designed and built for how developers think and work, you can confidently develop, test and deploy applications while modernizing in multiple languages and technologies across all platforms, including IBM i. We constantly advance to deliver new updates and quarterly releases, integrate with new software and industry offerings, and provide outstanding support. In short: we streamline processes, simplify complexities, and help companies worldwide manage change and remain in control.

Solutions by Remain Software


Change is the nature of life, of development and of your business lifecycles. And with our application lifecycle management solution, TD/OMS, you can manage it more intuitively and efficiently than ever before. The need to coordinate and manage objects across systems in different languages is common nowadays, so complete oversight for handling these complexities has never been more crucial to your success. With TD/OMS and Gravity, you can boost cross-team collaboration and productivity while streamlining development cycles, and managing critical testing, deployments and deliveries. TD/OMS supports all platforms. It’s scalable, flexible, cost-effective, easy to use, and provides a real-time overview of software components, dependencies and configuration.

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Your team’s successful application development depends upon intelligent and integrative solutions that are constantly evolving and adapting. This is increasingly true in an ever-changing landscape, and our project and workflow management solution, Gravity, can pave your way by boosting cross-team collaboration and productivity and helping you stay in control. Like gravity itself, our solution operates from one basic, natural law: It brings everything together. Cut out the extraneous, enhance the logical, and be well grounded in support for the projects that will lift your productivity to new heights. For small and large organizations alike, Gravity syncs and refines workflow processes for fast, easy and visible management of projects, tasks and development across designated teams. Powerful and flexible, it supports process automation and streamlines and controls changes company wide, regardless of the methodology and terminology used.

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Remain API Studio

Easily create and manage efficient REST APIs, flowing seamlessly through the entire process inside this intuitive and fully OpenAPI Specification (OAS 3.0) spec-compliant development environment. The thoughtful design of Remain API Studio lets you jump freely between tabs in the main panel to access what you need when you need it, for fluid progression through all aspects of your REST API creation and management. From design to code-generation to testing, your vision and objectives will be backed by this rich and visual editor, which includes easy import and export capabilities, built-in documentation for all parts of the specification, and much more. You also have the option to combine API Studio with our RPG generator, so you can have your APIs built in RPG and be able to easily expose your current IBM i assets without too much rework.

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Mi Workplace

MiWorkplace is an integrated and evolving development environment designed for the users and with the users. A fully-functional Remote Explorer provides an easy starting point, and allows you to work with both the IFS and traditional IBM i side of things. You can edit source, compile, and work with jobs and spool files, too. If you’re looking for an alternative to your old green screen editor, or a more affordable replacement for RDi, you don’t need to search any further. MiWorkplace runs on Linux, Windows or Mac for maximum flexibility.

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