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Rocket Software - Power Systems

Offering solutions for:
Application development, Application modernization, Tools and utilities,
Rocket customers do legendary things. Across every industry and geography, our customers power the world economy. With more than 70% of the world’s IT workload running on legacy platforms, we help customers innovate using the technology and data they have today, so they can always be ready for what comes next.

Solutions by Rocket Software - Power Systems

Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation

Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation (ILA) is both a portfolio of tools and an approach to modernization that enables you to intelligently build out a smart automation strategy that drives real bottom line value for the business. Process discovery shines a light on prime opportunities for UX modernization and workflow automation. Automation prioritization to help put improvements in the right order to deliver maximum value for your enterprise. Process automation, making it easy to create automation robots and APIs. Process integration, to improve business alignment by building APIs that integrate legacy applications with other critical business applications. Automation Management, to centralize control of how robots and APIs are developed and deployed.

Rocket Modern Experience

Maintaining legacy green-screen applications can be challenging, especially with only a select group of experts who possess the relevant skills and understanding—but they hold decades worth of data and processes interwoven into daily business operations, and the prospect of replacing them can be costly in both time and money. Modernization of these core applications remains the only sustainable path to future proofing your business operations. Enter Rocket Modern Experience, a central management platform and modernization tool that empowers your engineering and IT teams to modernize the UI and UX of your core applications through deployment of pre-built or dynamically customized UI templates—no COBOL or RPG expertise required. Dramatically increase productivity while improving customer and user experience and ensuring business continuity, with Rocket Modern Experience.

Rocket Terminal Emulator

Rocket Terminal Emulator provides a cost-effective alternative to your aging emulator–including flexible licensing to meet the needs of today’s mobile workforce, comprehensive security and significantly reduced total cost of ownership over time. If you're looking to migrate away from predatory pricing, unwanted audits and rigid licensing schemas, we make it easy to move to a more current system. Our expert system engineers rely on proven, automated tools and best practices to convert scripts, macros and configuration files from common terminal emulators. If you need further assistance, we offer professional services to help you transition.