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Offering solutions for:
Application development, Application modernization, Performance, Storage, Systems management, Tools and utilities,
Over 10 million global IT and business professionals trust Rocket Software to solve their most complex IT challenges across applications, data and infrastructure. By architecting innovative solutions that deliver next-generation experiences, Rocket Software brings customers from where they are in their modernization journey to where they want to be.

Solutions by Rocket Software - Enterprise

DevOps Value Stream Management

Rocket®️ Enterprise Orchestrator™️ (EO) is a powerful DevOps value stream management platform that automates, orchestrates and executes critical business processes across your enterprise—from mainframe to cloud—from a single solution that improves cross-team collaboration.

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DevOps-enabled JCL Management

Rocket®️ PRO/JCL and Rocket®️ JOB/SCAN provide modern capabilities to ensure customers can efficiently and effectively operate and manage error-free, standardized and optimized JCL assets in a DevOps environment. They can manage JCL in leading integrated development interfaces (IDE) through an Eclipse plugin for Compuware Topaz and IBM IDz as well as automate core JCL functions using a RESTful web service API for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) solutions like Jenkins.

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Hybrid Storage Management

Rocket’s z/OS business continuity and resiliency suite of hybrid storage management tools—including Rocket®️ Mainstar®️ Catalog RecoveryPlus (CR+), Rocket®️ Tape/Copy, Rocket®️ Performance Essential (PE) and others—ensures enterprises can manage data environment health, back up and archive data to the cloud or elsewhere, and recover data as needed to multiple locations. This ensures you can achieve lower recovery point and recovery time objectives, minimizing the impact of outages on your business and ensuring SLAs are met.

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Multi-platform Workload Automation

Rocket®️ Zena and Rocket®️ Zeke workload automation solutions provide modern capabilities for scheduling and automating repetitive IT workloads at scale across the hybrid enterprise. This enables customers to increase efficiency and productivity by performing more work at scale across all major enterprise computing platforms, from mainframe to cloud.

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Open-Source Software for z/OS

Rocket’s open-source software for z/OS provides compliance, security and maintenance you need for leading open-source languages and tools to modernize mainframe development and ensure next-gen developers are productive. Rocket®️ Open AppDev for Z provides over 20 open-source languages and tools for DevOps integration and automation. Rocket®️ Support for Zowe provides access to open-source capabilities from Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe for interfacing with z/OS services and developing IBM z/OS applications, plus exclusive desktop applications.

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Performance and Capacity Monitoring

Rocket’s mainframe and multi-platform performance and capacity monitoring and analytics products, including Rocket®️ Consumption Insights (offering full support for Tailored Fit Pricing) and Rocket®️ TMON ONE, ensure anyone in your business—from mainframe specialists to IT leaders and business analysts to CIOs—can visualize and understand system performance, MSU consumption and resource utilization. Experts can quickly resolve issues and reduce overall mean time to repair, which impacts costs and the reputation of your business.

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Rocket Terminal Emulator

Rocket Terminal Emulator provides a cost-effective alternative to your aging emulator—including flexible licensing to meet the needs of today’s mobile workforce, comprehensive security and significantly reduced total cost of ownership. Our expert system engineers rely on proven, automated tools and best practices to convert scripts, macros and configuration files from common terminal emulators, helping you avoid predatory pricing, unwanted audits and rigid licensing schemas. We also offer professional services to help you transition.


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Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation

Rocket ConnectiQ is the only RPA solution that will deliver quick and significant ROI from automating your mainframe processes. That’s because we have decades of experience developing for the mainframe. We are mainframe experts so you don’t have to be. With Rocket ConnectiQ you can automate more than 90% of your routine mainframe transactions, accelerating throughput on claims process, payments and other business operations. The results: reduced error rates and improved employee and customer satisfaction.

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Rocket Modern Experience

Maintaining legacy green-screen applications can be challenging, especially with only a select group of experts who possess the relevant skills and understanding—but they hold decades worth of data and processes interwoven into daily business operations, and the prospect of replacing them can be costly in both time and money. Modernization of these core applications remains the only sustainable path to futureproofing your business operations. Enter Rocket®️ Modern Experience, a central management platform and modernization tool that empowers your engineering and IT teams to modernize the UI and UX of your core applications through deployment of prebuilt or dynamically customized UI templates—no COBOL or RPG expertise required. Dramatically increase productivity while improving customer and user experience and ensuring business continuity with Rocket Modern Experience.

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