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Offering solutions for:
Services consulting, Storage, Systems management,
Since 1978, Trident Services has established a solid reputation for the excellence of its software, responsiveness of its support team and the expertise of its consulting staff with more than 40 years of experience in their individual specialties. Trident has been an IBM Business Partner for more than 29 years. Since launching its first software solution in 1988, Trident has continued to develop and enhance its software products and services to keep pace with industry changes, emerging technologies and client-driven needs.

Solutions to Work Smarter

Trident’s flagship product, zOSEM (z/OS Environment Manager), is a powerful tool of strategic importance for the enterprise server environment. Defining processing policies through an ISPF interface, zOSEM encompasses a multitude of features for improved control, throughput and processing efficiency in a z/OS environment. zOSEM helps customers dramatically reduce and control ISV and IBM MLC costs. zOSEM provides an easy-to-use hierarchical storage management (HSM) optimizer, which improves HSM performance and reduces HSM CPU resources and can potentially reduce the 4HRA for SCRT reporting. zOSEM can also eliminate exit migration issues.
Working smarter is a necessity in today’s economic climate; Trident customers can relax knowing they have a smart solution that saves time and money and maximizes resources. Let Trident Services show you how zOSEM can reduce ISV and IBM MLC costs, better utilize CPU resources and simplify the management of your enterprise server.

Solutions by Trident Services

z/OS Systems Consulting

Trident Services has more than 40 years of IBM mainframe systems programming experience. Most of our employees have decades of mainframe experience. In addition, Trident Services makes extensive use of available software tools, including its own proprietary zOSEM solution and SMP/E methodology. Trident can assist you with systems programming solutions for z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Linux. We handle software installation and maintenance, JES3-to-JES2 conversions, software migrations and DFSMS planning. Trident can provide performance evaluation and tuning, OS and hardware upgrade support and network planning. We also do consulting, implementation and support for the IBM subsystem Db2, CICS, IMS and IBM MQ as well as Tivoli products and all ISV software. And we can provide customized training and education or provide skills for staff augmentation.

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zOSEM for Software Cost Reduction

With zOSEM you can greatly reduce software license charges. ISV software and IBM MLC products are licensed based on the total capacity of the LPAR(s) on which they run, regardless of how little capacity the products actually use. If you can run ISV software and IBM MLC products in fewer or smaller LPAR(s), you can significantly lower your ISV software and IBM MLC costs. zOSEM can help you do this by defining policies for routing these products to where they are allowed to run.
zOSEM has powerful job routine capabilities that make it easy to route all jobs or steps within jobs that use specific ISV software or IBM MLC products to a distinct LPAR(s). Because the ISV software or IBM MLC products no longer run on the other LPAR(s), the ISV products don’t need to be licensed for there. If using the IBM SCRT reporting the IBM MLC products will no longer execute in the other LPAR(s) so the IBM MLC products will not include the peak MSU(s) of these LPAR(s). This can result in substantial savings. Processing policies are defined using the submitted existing JCL, so there is no need to change existing JCL. Unlike other job routing techniques, operators cannot inadvertently override zOSEM and allow a job to run on the wrong system. Get this and other capabilities of zOSEM in one product for one price.

zOSEM HSM Reporting and Optimizer

DFSMShsm provides a necessary function, but at times it can be a very heavy CPU consumer. DFSMShsm can also be a heavy contributor to IBM MLC costs if DFSMShsm is running during the highest four-hour running average on which IBM MLC charges are based. zOSEM provides more than 40 reports that can identify unnecessary data movement, excessive CPU consumption, critical errors that go unnoticed and wasted space due to over-allocation of datasets. In addition, zOSEM provides the means to override the normal DFSMShsm processing to eliminate dataset thrashing and greatly reduce CPU resources and errors. 

The HSM Optimizer administrator specifies policies that take precedence over other SMS policies. zOSEM can recall all of the datasets required by a job before it allows the job to be selected for execution and it can make sure that new datasets are given a DSORG so that DFSMShsm can process them. Get this and other capabilities of zOSEM in one product for one price.

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