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Velocity Software

Offering solutions for:
Performance, Systems management,
Velocity Software was founded in 1988 to create the premier performance products for the z/VM platform. z/VM system performance was Velocity Software's singular commitment for a dozen years. With the introduction of Linux running in a z/VM environment and the proliferation of internet and networking activity, Velocity Software's view of performance measurement and management has expanded to include Linux and the network. 

When "private cloud" became a business requirement, Velocity Software created zPRO for full z/VM based private cloud management without using a guest Linux server and SMAPI as other solutions have attempted. Recently, Velocity Software has enhanced its z/VSE monitor and added z/OS data collection to the portfolio, so Velocity Software offers full enterprise performance management without the overhead. 

Velocity Software is a privately held company, headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Mannheim, Germany.

Solutions by Velocity Software


Features of zOSMON include:
  • Completely offloads all processing from the expensive z/OS MIPS, leaving a footprint of almost zero resource consumption 
  • The incremental cost of processing each LPAR is expected to be much less than 1% of a processor 
  • zVPS is written in low-level languages to run extremely efficiently on the IBM Z platform 
  •  zOSMON is designed to support an unlimited number of LPARs and CECs within one zVPS subsystem 
  • One enterprise view for operations, capacity planning, performance management and for chargeback   
  • zOSMON provides real time performance monitoring with a one-minute interval—with negligible performance impact or resource consumption


zPRO Focuses focuses on these cornerstones:
  • Providing an on-prem cloud on z/VM facility 
  • Simplifying access and skills requirement for managing z/VM 
  • Reducing z/VM management tasks by safely empowering end users
  • zPRO greatly simplifies the provisioning and management of Linux servers on IBM Z
  • Enables installations running the IBM z/VM platform to create their own private Platform as a Service environment

zVPS Velocity Software's Performance Suite

The complete performance package for Linux, TCP/IP, z/VM and z/VSE. zVPS contains the following components: zMON, zWRITE, zMAP, zTCP, zVWS, zVIEW, zALERT and zOPERATOR. Highlights include: capacity planning, operations support, performance analysis and chargeback. zVPS collects and analyzes data from z/VM, your Linux servers, network, z/VSE and z/OS systems in a consistent and integrated format. Data is continually collected, presented in real time, and stored in a single performance database. Automatic analysis triggers alerts when exceptions occur. Reports are generated for long-term trend analysis and capacity planning—and all of this information is accessible via your web browser or a CMS terminal.

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