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Offering solutions for:
Business intelligence analytics, Performance,
Since 2006, ZETALY supports major global organizations in banking, insurance, distribution, telcos and more, responding to business challenges and observability needs related to mainframe environments.

From data collection to business value, our data platform, ZETALY Enterprise Edition, transforms and enriches data into relevant information to optimize performance (ITOps), cost management (FinOps) and predictive analysis (PredOps)—creates the link between IT, business and financial data to ensure informed decision making.

Solutions by ZETALY

FinOps Solutions: ZETALY Cost Control/ ZETALY Automated Capacity

As FinOps Solutions, ZETALY Cost Control and ZETALY Automated Capacity are part of our data platform, and contribute to controlling the financial impact of the mainframe. By automating the exploitation of operational data, from ongoing data collection to visual analysis, the ZETALY FinOps solutions meet many challenges including: performance optimization, activity monitoring, anomaly detection, cost control, budget management and forecasting of future needs and investments.

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ITOps Solutions: ZETALY Service Intelligence

ZETALY Service Intelligence is the answer for production teams looking to increase mainframe observability. Offering self-service operations analytics dashboards, enriched with embedded expertise and 100+ external data connectors, this ITOps solution provides complete vision of the mainframe infrastructure and its interrelationships with other systems, in the context of your business environment. From data collection to visualization, ZETALY Service Intelligence also covers and automates the entire data lifecycle and leverages machine learning for anomaly detection.

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PredOps Solution: ZETALY Resource Planning

ZETALY Resource Planning provides predictive analytics and an advanced capacity and cost planning engine. By learning from your historical data, the software delivers insights on future capacity and budget needs. For smaller optimization projects, such as the delivery of a new application, its simulation engine guides you through the conception of multiple scenarios to anticipate the impact of change: new configuration, workload shifts, merges and more. In short, this solution makes your mainframe of tomorrow observable.

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